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Your voice made the difference at Thurday’s BOR meeting

Our Collaborative Effort Made a Difference: BOR Votes to Defer Premature Resolution At yesterday’s July 16th  Board of Regents meeting, UHPA and UH faculty successfully sent a strong message to Regent Chair Benjamin Kudo that struck a chord with the Regents.   Through the collaborative efforts of UHPA, HGEA, Academic Labor United, and UH faculty and students, we made Chair Kudo stop in his tracks. We collectively presented a strong, unified voice to defend the University and forestall a requirement by the UH [...]

Agreement reached over Covid-19 impacts on promotion, tenure and renewal.

Agreement reached with President and Governor over Covid-19 impacts on promotion, tenure and contract renewal  Last week the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) finalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with President David Lassner and Governor David Ige on addressing the possible negative consequences and impacts the unanticipated switch to on-line instruction due to COVID-19 may have on tenure, promotion, and contract renewal.   Agreement result of combined efforts These concerns were raised by UHPA Faculty Members who are serving on Temporary Work [...]

Faculty Working From Home

Message from UHPA Executive Director Christian Fern and UH Vice President Don Straney on behalf of the UHPA-UH Joint Workgroup This message is to clarify the University's intent regarding its new "work from home" form and its application to University faculty. To reiterate, instructional faculty (including lecturers), research faculty, graduate assistants, and other faculty who are not normally expected to be on campus during set working hours, are not required to fill out the work from home form or create a work [...]

Message from UHPA Executive Director Christian Fern and UH Vice President Don Straney on behalf of the UHPA-UH Joint Workgroup

Last week, the Temporary Remote Teaching Workgroup—a combined effort of the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly and UH administrators—met to review the support and resources available to faculty preparing for the transition to working with students who were not on campus. Several recent proclamations from the Governor and Mayors probably made your preparations more challenging. This week, we have been monitoring the initial stages of implementing last week’s planning on each of the 10 UH campuses. The initial reports are that you [...]

UHPA Update on COVID-19 Working Conditions

On Friday, March 13, 2020, UHPA met with UH administrators and voiced our concerns for the health and safety of our membership as a whole, as well as, making sure all Faculty Members received the required support, services, resources, etc. to help with the transition to on-line instruction, as well as, other conditions as they may arise. UH agreed with UHPA that a working group should commence immediately to address these concerns that UHPA raised and jointly noticed all Faculty Members of [...]

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Latest administrative salaries published

UHPA's 2018 edition of UH Administrator salaries has been published with data as of March 2018.  The interactive database lets you easily sort and filter on by campus or division.  UHPA Executive Director Kristeen Hanselman suggests that you "Take some time to see what various administrators earn and how they are valued by the Board of Regents."   Browse UH Executive Managerial Salaries now  

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New Faculty Rights! Your Letter of Hire Enforceable through the Collective Bargaining Agreement

On January 24, 2017 UHPA and UH concluded a Memorandum of Understanding on Letters of Hire. This was 16 months in the making and provides that items that are bargainable contained within a letter of hire can be enforced through the grievance procedure, including arbitration. Key Provisions All Unit 7 members must receive a written letter of hire. Letters of Hire shall contain all terms and conditions of employment offered and accepted by the faculty member. No undocumented promise is enforceable. All [...]

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Letters of Hire Actually Mean Something Now and the Promise of an MRI is Achieved

Dr. Bennett wins! Dr. Kevin Bennett, whose fight to enforce his letter of hire included a grievance, an HLRB case, an agency appeal to Circuit Court, and the possibility of a new lawsuit in Circuit Court, has resulted in a robust settlement. The University will provide the MRI System and a functional laboratory that will allow the Dr. Bennett to continue his research and expand that which can occur in Hawaii. Dispute over Letter of Hire promises Dr. Bennetts was recruited to [...]

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Grievance Settlement Brings $150,000 in Research Funds for Dr. Kathleen Cole

It took 15 months but starting January 1, 2017 Dr. Kathleen Cole received the settlement to her grievance based on her improper removal as Biology Department chair in September 2015. UHPA represented Dr. Cole through both a prohibited practice and a grievance. These actions were based upon facts which indicated her advocacy for faculty member, Dr. Kevin Bennett whose letter of hire was not honored, contributed to her removal as department chair. With the dismissal of Dr. Cole in September 2015, the [...]

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