University of Hawaii faculty salaries consolidated according to campus as of October 2022

CampusStDevMin25th %ileMedian75th %ileMax
Hawaii Community College16594.4337956244709208086894536128916
Honolulu Community College20055.9033585967410085932102603151812
Kapiolani Community College18955.30879597727910491032104664152016
Kauai Community College17826.4928558596773588398896378143664
Leeward Community College17305.57091564968023887696104544140808
UH Hilo29103.84805597728528499492119904200940
UH Manoa54193.824445677296852122988161604403910.4
UH Maui College17347.0492358488731648072496612152028
UH West Oahu21297.96641631088140893816108732185688
Windward Community College19502.6864565460717367893696840145584

Stdev: The Standard Deviation for this category.

Min: The lowest salary in this category.

25th %ile: This value represents the 25th percentile, i.e. 75% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Avg: Average salary.

75th %ile: This value represents the 75th percentile, i.e. 25% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Max: The highest salary in this category.