University of Hawaii faculty salaries consolidated according to campus as of January 2019

CampusStDevMin25th %ileMedian75th %ileMax
Hawaii Community College16746.284854084624247303286928125484
Honolulu Community College17172.8396954084672247681291884135960
Kapiolani Community College17809.2740154084700868073694620151824
Kauai Community College14008.3396554084674767303284180112560
Leeward Community College16242.0035854084679297836094044126192
UH Hilo25855.620755700077192.0189520107673179652
UH Manoa52598.65031750088596111276153660394790.4
UH Maui College18061.2962354084674647304491596136152
UH West Oahu18363.7492256112736508700097680147996
Windward Community College18368.802657816655567759296996130428

Stdev: The Standard Deviation for this category.

Min: The lowest salary in this category.

25th %ile: This value represents the 25th percentile, i.e. 75% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Avg: Average salary.

75th %ile: This value represents the 75th percentile, i.e. 25% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Max: The highest salary in this category.