University of Hawaii faculty salaries consolidated according to campus as of April 2023

CampusStDevMin25th %ileMedian75th %ileMax
Hawaii Community College16689.7526456244709208102494716128916
Honolulu Community College20032.84776585967251085458101691151812
Kapiolani Community College19198.9167650132.527770689688104193152016
Kauai Community College18590.9630458596766568328095601143664
Leeward Community College18063.6112240936.567816887516100890140808
UH Hilo29256.8141247026.328509599492118833200940
UH Manoa52505.6717333233.5296576122352161184396048
UH Maui College17094.7320958488731648072496612152028
UH West Oahu22001.5191631088046692286108732185688
Windward Community College19733.832448209.16709267759296612145584

Stdev: The Standard Deviation for this category.

Min: The lowest salary in this category.

25th %ile: This value represents the 25th percentile, i.e. 75% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Avg: Average salary.

75th %ile: This value represents the 75th percentile, i.e. 25% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Max: The highest salary in this category.