University of Hawaii faculty salaries consolidated according to campus as of September 2016

CampusStDevMin25th %ileMedian75th %ileMax
Hawaii Community College14776.9159254084635167046486532107448
Honolulu Community College16117.6673454084648967592489136128508
Kapiolani Community College17633.074254084668527798891938143604
Kauai Community College14711.5759354084635167026078756141516
Leeward Community College16429.5951654084648967590089136123456
UH Hilo26245.91618551767572086532106080170112
UH Manoa48375.199125408483940106428144930372576
UH Maui College17772.0703154084639907611687900128688
UH West Oahu17589.1696754084700687798892295139968
Windward Community College17585.2122354084632887572091416123240

Stdev: The Standard Deviation for this category.

Min: The lowest salary in this category.

25th %ile: This value represents the 25th percentile, i.e. 75% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Avg: Average salary.

75th %ile: This value represents the 75th percentile, i.e. 25% of the salaries in this category are over this amount.

Max: The highest salary in this category.