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UHPA Believes Budgetary Cuts Violate Our Statutory & Constitutional Rights, Files Request for Hawaii Labor Relations Board Ruling

A University of Hawaii position currently occupied by a tenured faculty member is potentially being eliminated because of a legislative bill designed to target that specific job position. That bill is now with Gov. David Ige awaiting his approval or veto. UHPA has filed a complaint with the Hawaii Labor Relations Board to preempt any […]

Latest on vaccination requirements at UH

COVID-19 Vaccinations Required for Faculty? Vaccination required for students On May 17, 2021, University of Hawaiʻi President David Lassner publicly announced that it will add COVID-19 vaccination to its student health clearance requirements beginning in the Fall 2021 semester. The mandate for students means that to be on any UH campus, you must be fully […]

SENATOR DONNA MERCADO KIM – Fiscal accountability or strategic targeting?

Targeted Faculty RIFs: Senator Donna Mercado Kim’s Modus Operandi The parti-pris decisions and actions made by Hawai‘i’s legislators this past session speak volumes about their views and support over Hawai‘i’s public higher education system – namely the University of Hawai‘i. It’s especially clear that those in the Senate who continue to chip away at the […]

One Senator builds. The other destroys. Which one did UH get?

A Study of Contrasts:Lower Education Advocate, Higher Education Antagonist Transparency and accountability. These are essential qualities we can demand and expect from our elected officials whom we vote into office and are given our trust that they individually will do the right thing for Hawai‘i’s people. Unfortunately, these essential qualities appear to be absent from […]

Legislature Funds UHPA Ratified Contract

We are pleased to inform you that the Legislature has approved and appropriately funded our recently ratified (with a 95% approval) successor agreement (2021-2023), including the negotiated increases to the EUTF.   You can download a PDF for details of the negotiated increases and the updated premium rates as you make your decisions for what […]