Commemorating 50 Years of Advocacy and Representation


Mission Statement

Dedicated to the achievement of excellence at the University of Hawai`i in instruction, research, and service to the community through collective bargaining, legislative advocacy, civic education, and public engagement.

We Are Committed To

Academic Excellence

As leaders and experts in our respective fields, we are passionate about high-quality research and teaching, we are proud and committed to sharing our knowledge through our intellectual products, publications, inventions, talks, and teaching, as well as interactions with students and community members.


The Success of Our Students

We rally to support students and help them succeed. We are accessible and fair to them. As faculty, it is our responsibility to recommend students for graduation across all 10 University of Hawai‘i campuses, and we are proud to confer well deserved degrees.


Serving the Community

We are involved in day-to-day campus activities and engaged in committees to enhance the quality of life for all beneficiaries of the University of Hawaiʻi system. Our professional commitment includes extension and public service.


Supporting Local Families and Our Economy

We play a vital role in supporting the local economy by securing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal and private funding each year for research, thereby creating jobs and paid learning opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

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