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It’s Time to Take a Stand

We Stand on the Shoulders of Those Before Us If you are currently a tenured faculty or a tenured track faculty in instruction, research, extension, specialist, librarian, or other faculty classifications, then you are a direct beneficiary to those retired and more than likely deceased UH faculty who have over the decades fought tirelessly and […]

Get Your Home Buying Benefits From HomeStreet Bank

Our UHPA member benefits partner HomeStreet Bank has a message for UHPA members that may save you a considerable amount of money if you are buying a home: UHPA Member Home Buying Benefits As a member you are eligible for exclusive home buying benefits ONLY through Affinity Lending at HomeStreet Bank. You now have access […]

UH Blindsides Us Again

We Heard You Loud and Clear We recognize and acknowledge all those who took the time to send an email expressing your frustration, concerns, and heightened anxieties about the University of Hawai‘i’s vaccination mandate intended to go into effect in the spring 2022 semester. We realize many of you found the news upsetting and we […]

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Interactive database of faculty salaries for all campuses, types, and ranks

Faculty Contract: 2021-2023 Tentative Agreement

The links below are PDF downloads of the currently signed tentative agreements on changes to the previous contract.

UHPA, UH, and the Governor are in the process of producing a formally executed contract in full. The tentative agreement documents below are intended as a temporary measure until the new contract is published.

  • Settlement Offer

    BU7_settlement offer_2021.04.17 TA final.docx (1) (part 1) – signed

  • Salaries

    Er – BU 7 – Article XXI – Salaries – 4-16-2021 TA.docx (part 1) – signed

  • EUTF

    BU7 Art XXII_EUTF_ 2_yr_2021-04-16 TA.docx (part 1) – signed

  • Duration

    BU7_ArtXXX_Duration_2yr_2021-04-16 TA.docx (part 1) – signed

Faculty Contract: 2017-2021 Agreement

UHPA Member-only Benefits Programs

UHPA Faculty is Committed To:

  • Academic Excellence

  • The Success of Our Students

  • Serving the community

  • Supporting the Local Economy


UHPA has been the exclusive bargaining agent for all faculty members of the University System since November 1, 1974 with uninterrupted service ever since.

What we do

UHPA negotiates the faculty contract, ensures terms of the contract are enforced, and works to protect the rights of faculty members.

Common Healthcare and Retirement Questions

All faculty members (1/2 time or more) of the UH system are included by state law in bargaining unit 7.  Annual dues of 1% of your salary is made through payroll deduction.  To become an active member, you must complete an UHPA Membership Application.

Contact your Department Personnel Officer or the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefit Trust Fund (EUTF) @ 808.586.7390 or toll free @ 1.800.295.0089 with your eligibility questions.

Plan benefit questions should be directed to your carrier.  Contact info can be found at the EUTF website.

Contact the State of Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) @ 808.586.1735 or 1.888.659.0708 for members residing on the continental US.   You may also visit the ERS website.   

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