2021-2025 UHPA-BOR Contract

Agreement in Web Format

This Agreement is made this 1st day of July 2021 by and between the Governor; the Board of Regents; and the President of the University of Hawaii, hereinafter called the Employer or Public Employer, as defined in §89-6(d)(4), Hawaii Revised Statutes, and the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, hereinafter called the Union.

2021-2025 Contract Articles

Article I, Recognition
Article II, Non-Discrimination
Article III, Conditions of Service
Article IV, Faculty professional responsibilities and workload
Article IX, Academic Freedom
Article V, Duty Period
Article VI, Leaves of Absence With Pay
Article VII, Leaves Without Pay
Article VIII, Faculty Travel
Article X, Department Or Division Procedures Governing Tenure, Promotion, and Contract Renewal
Article XI, Intellectual Property, Patents, and Copyrights
Article XII, Tenure and Service
Article XIII, Faculty Appointments Not Eligible For Tenure
Article XIV, Promotion
Article XIX, Personnel Files
Article XV, Faculty Personnel Panel
Article XVI, Retrenchment
Article XVII, Representation Rights
Article XVIII, Disciplinary Actions
Article XX, Adequate Security, Health and Safety
Article XXI, Salaries
Article XXII, Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF)
Article XXIII, Appontment, Duties, and Compensation For Academic Chairs
Article XXIV, Grievance Procedure
Article XXIX, No Strike Or Lockout
Article XXV, Rights of the Employer
Article XXVI, Savings Clause and Operation of §89-10(a)
Article XXVII, Entirety and Modification
XXVIII, Conflict
Article XXX, Duration

2021-2025 Contract Reference Section

R-01, Appendix T, Temporary Disability*
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R-03, BOR Policy RP 9.214, Teaching Assignments for Instructional Faculty
R-04, BOR Policy RP 9.205, Political Activity
R-05, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures AP 9.470, Leave Sharing (August 2011)
R-06, Community College Teaching Equivalencies
R-07, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures AP 9.350, Application for Transfer of Vacation and Sick Leave Credit or Payment in Lieu of Vacation
R-08, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedure AP 9.380, Vacation and Sick Leave System
R-09, H.R.S. Chapter 398, Volume 7, Family Leave Law
R-10, BOR Policy RP 12.205, Patent and Copyright Policy
R-11, UH Executive Policy EP 12.205, Administration of the Patent and Copyright Policy
R-12, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures AP 5.500, Procedures for Invention Identification, Disclosure, and Reports Under State Funding
R-13, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures AP 5.501, Procedures for Copyrights of Work Produced for Hire
R-14, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures AP 5.502, Procedures for Invention Identification, Disclosure, and Reports Under Extramural Contract Patent Clauses
R-15, UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures AP 9.075, Personnel Records (September 2009)
R-16, Memorandum of Understanding Regarding “Future Need”
R-17, Memorandum of Understanding on the Procedures for Special Salary Adjustments and Bonus Payments
R-18, Memorandum of Understanding on Workforce Housing
R-19, Memorandum of Understanding on Lecturer Status in the Bargaining Unit
R-20, Roles and Consultation Protocols Involving UH Administration, UH Professional Assembly, and UH Faculty Senates