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Update Your Contact Email Address

Follow the instructions below to make your email address change:

  • Log on to the UHPA website.
  • Click on “Preferences” below the UHPA banner.
  • Click on “Personal Preferences”.
  • Change your email address.
  • Click “Save”.

If you do not have a private email address, you can click on the link below to set up a free gmail account:

Action Needed

If you have any questions, email UHPA at:

EVoting Is Coming To UHPA!

UHPA’s electronic voting system will be ready for use in the 2008 UHPA elections for Board of Directors and Faculty Representatives.

On February 1 UHPA members at Kapiolani CC, Honolulu CC, Windward CC/ETC and UH-Manoa campuses will receive an email with information on the UHPA BOD elections with nomination instructions for members desiring to run for office. Nine positions are open on the Board of Directors with voting in March 2008.

February 5th is “sUHPA Tuesday” where all UHPA members can be part of the final test of the electronic voting system. Look for an email on February 5 that will link you to the electronic ballot.

Instant Tenure

After some discussion over the years, UH is on the cusp of making an historic change in the granting of tenure.  A proposal has been sent to the faculty senate chairs on the ACCFSC that would allow the President to grant tenure.  UH has always required at least one year of probationary status before being granted tenure by the Regents.  This new policy would delegate to the President the authority to grant tenure to administrators and faculty members immediately upon hire.  Other universities grant immediate tenure as a method of recruiting outstanding, and usually well established, faculty members from other institutions.  This policy, should it be accepted, would still require the Board of Regents to approve normal tenure applications, but would open a new door to the granting of tenure that could by-pass the traditional faculty initiated review processes.  Some would argue that except for faculty members with tenure moving into academic administrative positions, the granting of tenure to a new administrator is inappropriate.  For a time, the Regents were hiring UH administrators on five year contracts without tenure in an academic department.

Comments on this proposal should be sent to Vice President Linda Johnsrud

Response Letter from US Senator Inouye & US Representative Abercrombie

The Senate will oppose the efforts of the U.S. Dept. of Education to change the accreditation process for colleges and universities.  On June 20th, Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings announced to Senator James Alexander that her department…”will not publish proposed regulations regarding accreditation…”

Spellings has backed off this proposal as a direct result of the efforts of colleges and universities administrations, accreditation associations, and faculty organizations.  The university community “just said no” to the Bush Administration’s push to control the outcomes of post-secondary education and the current US Congress has responded.

Related “News Item”

How will you vote on proposed Con Amendments?

The League of Women Voters of Hawai`i has posted pro and con statements for the five proposed amendments at

`Olelo will also broadcast a series of discussion panels covering the constitutional amendments. The schedule for airing the discussion panels is as follows:

10/16 6:30pm #1 – UH Board of Regents Appointment Process

10/17 6:30pm #2 – Single Salary Commission

10/18 6:30pm #3 – Remove Mandatory Retirement Age for State Justices/Judges

10/19 6:30pm #4 – Sexual Assault of Minors Younger than 14

10/20 6:30pm #5 – Special Purpose Revenue Bonds & Impt Ag Lands

The first discussion panel will focus on the proposed amendment to change the process for selection and appointment of UH Regents. Retired attorney Frank Boas will speak in favor of the amendment and current chair of the UH Regents, Kitty Lagareta, will argue against the passage of the amendment.

All these programs will run on Channel 49 the week of October 16th through the 20th. Each panel will be initially aired at 6:30 pm on its respective night and rerun the following day at 6:30 am and noon. `Olelo will send the tapes to the neighbor island public access cable stations, but know the schedule for airing is not yet been published. `Olelo will soon also have streaming video of each panel, available continuously until the General Election.

Check the “VOTE! 2006” section of the `Olelo website at

We Need Information-For Contract Negotiations

The Collective Bargaining Committee has prepared a series of questions related to specific issues that are being considered for changes in the next contract. Approximately three questions will be asked each month. You’ll receive a separate e-mail invitation to “click” and participate. This will be a continuing feature over the months leading to our resuming bargaining in April 2008.

Last Chance to Register to Vote

Over 96% of UHPA members who are eligible, are already registered to vote, and a very high percentage of them do vote.  Our democracy depends on the participation of every eligible citizen.  Register now!