Grievance Procedures – Link to Article XXIV of the contract

  • Eight Ways to Build a Stronger Grievance Case

    • Having the proper ammunition to build a strong grievance case can make all the difference in the outcome in your case. Based on recent arbitration cases in which UHPA and faculty members prevailed, the following are components that are critical in advancing your case, particularly with the current UH administration. This content is made available [...]
  • Grievance FAQs

    • can be said that a grievance is a formal complaint against the University Administration (not another member of the faculty, or other individual personally) which alleges an adverse effect upon the grievant by an interpretation or application of a term or condition of the collective bargaining agreement (contract)
  • Grievance Flow chart

    • A chart and analysis identify the options for defining the employment related problem and possible strategies for securing appropriate remedies.
  • Grievance Reference Card

    • Step by step through the grievance procedure.
  • Step 1 Grievance Form

    • Access the Step 1 Grievance form PDF
  • Step 2 Grievance Form

    • Download this Step 2 Grievance Form PDF
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