List of phone numbers and web sites of insurance carriers & state offices

CVS CAREMARK (CVS): 1(855)801-8263

EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM (ERS): Oahu (808)586-1735, Continental US 1(888)659-0708

HAWAII DENTAL SERVICE (HDS): Oahu (808)529-9310, Neighbor Islands 1(866)702-3883

HAWAII EMPLOYER-UNION HEALTH BENEFITS TRUST FUND (EUTF): Oahu (808)586-7390, Toll-Free Statewide 1(800)295-0089

HAWAII-MAINLAND ADMINSTRATORS (HMA) Supplemental Medical & Prescription Drug Plan: Oahu (808)951-4621, Toll Free 1(866)377-3977

HAWAII MEDICAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION (HMSA): Oahu (808)948-6499, Toll Free 1(800)776-4672

KAISER PERMANENTE: Oahu (808)432-5955, Neighbor Islands 1(800)966-5955

ROYAL STATE NATIONAL (RSN): Chiropratic Benefit 621-4774, Toll Free 1(800)414-8845, Supplemental Health Plan 539-1621, Toll Free 1(888)942-2447

SECURIAN Life Insurance Benefit: Oahu (808)536-9890, Toll Free 1(877)291-8466

VISION SERVICE PLAN (VSP): Oahu (808)532-1600, Neighbor Islands call 1(800)877-7195


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