Oahu Volunteer to Sign Wave This Week With Ed Case


We’ve worked hard together for over a year, and it’s come down to just
this last week.  Everything says this race is very close, but we have
the momentum.  O’ahu is home to over 70% of all voters. Every vote is
going to count, and we need your help to personally reach as many voters as possible.

Will you signwave with Ed? He’ll be out every day, morning and
afternoon. His schedule is below.

Will you signwave with our area coordinators? You should have their
schedules if you’re on their lists; if not, let us know.

Will you signwave wherever you are whenever you can? We know you can’t always make the scheduled signwavings, but can you grab some friends and family and wave near your work or home?  This will really help to show island-wide support for Ed.  If you need signs please stop by our statewide headquarters in Ward Warehouse or let us know.

Will you call voters to ask them to vote for Ed? You can come into our
headquarters or get a list from us.

Will you just talk story with or email your friends, family and
neighbors and ask them to support Ed?

Ours campaign is truly grassroots, and we couldn’t do it without
thousands of supporters like you. We need you now.

With your help, we will win this together.

Mahalo and aloha,

Ed Hasegawa
O’ahu Coordinator

Ed Sign Waving Schedule:

Tuesday, August 7  

4:30 – 6:30 p.m. – Market City – Intersection of
Kapiolani Boulevard, Waialae Avenue, King Street, and Harding Avenue

Wednesday, August 8  

6:30 – 8:00 a.m. – Dillingham – Vineyard Boulevard and Liliha Avenue
4:30 – 6:30 p.m. – Windward – Pali Highway and Waokanaka Street

Thursday, August 9  

6:30 – 8:00 a.m. – Kamehameha Shopping Center – Kalihi Street and N. School Street
4:30 – 6:30 p.m. – East Honolulu – Kalanianaole Highway and Ainakoa
Avenue/Waikui Street


Friday, August 10  

5:30 – 7:30 a.m. – Kapolei – Farrington Highway and Fort Barrette

Hawaii State Legislative Races Decided on August 11

The UHPA endorsed candidates that will not have a November General Election are listed below. Many have primary opponents.

Senate District 1      Senator Gil Kahele
Senate District 4      Senator Malama Solomon
Senate District 5      Senator Shan Tsutsui
Senate District 13    Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland
Senate District 15    Senator Glenn Wakai
Senate District 17    Alex Sonson
Senate District 24    Senator Jill Tokuda

House District 2       Rep. Clift Tsuji
House District 8       Rep. Joe Souki
House District 9       Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran
House District 21     Rep. Scott Nishimoto
House District 25     Rep. Sylvia Luke
House District 29     Rep. Karl Rhoads
House District 30     Nicole Velasco
House District 38     Rep. Henry Aquino
House District 48     Rep. Jessica Wooley
House District 49     Rep. Ken Ito

Sierra Club, UHPA, HGEA Announce NotPono Campaign

Palace, HI –
 The Sierra
Club, University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, and Hawaii Government
Employees Association have united together to challenge some of the myths put
out by the Chong campaign in the House District 48 race in Windward O’ahu.

“We want to make sure voters can make an informed decision,” said
Randy Perreira, Executive Director of HGEA. “Although our respective
organizations represent different interests, we all believe candidates should
be selected based on their actual record, and not half-truths and blatant

Over the past three weeks, numerous mailers have been sent out by the Pono Chong
campaign. The inundation of mailers could mislead voters to think Pono Chong’s
voting record is stronger then it actually is, particularly on environmental,
education, and economic issues.  

“We’ve put together a website, NotPono.org, that attempts to distinguish Pono
Chong’s campaign rhetoric from his actual voting record,” said Robert D.
Harris, Director of the Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club. “Voters should
be able to select candidates based on their actual conduct, and not Pono
Chong’s wishful thinking.”

Campaign ads and statements by Chong’s campaign suggest he’s been protective of
Hawaii’s environment and opposed big development. “A lie,” said
Harris. “That’s what we call a child who makes up a story that is opposite
to the truth. And that’s what Chong is doing here. He’s consistently attempted
to undermine existing environmental regulations to allow for greater
development. For example, he supported the Public Lands Development
Corporation, which would turn over public land to private developers, and voted
to remove zoning and height restrictions near all rail and bus transfer

“Simply stated, Pono Chong has not voted to keep the country,
country,” said Harris.  

Pono Chong also claims to have helped end Furlough Fridays in our public
schools. “When more than half the members of the Legislature signed on to
set aside money to prevent Furlough Fridays from ever beginning, Pono Chong
refused,” said Dennis Vanairsdale, Chair of the Political Endorsement
Committee of UHPA. “Seven months and 17 Furlough Fridays later, the
legislature finally acted to end Furlough Fridays – after students and teachers
had already suffered through the school year.”

Pono Chong also claims to support clean energy. “Approximately 20% of
construction jobs last year — during one of the worst recessions in Hawaii’s
history — were in the solar industry,” said Colleen Soares, a Sierra Club
member and District 48 voter. “And yet, instead of working with the
Abercrombie administration and the solar industry to figure out a way to ensure
long-term growth, he was the lead proponent of a proposal to gut the incentives
driving the solar industry.”

The Sierra Club/HGEA/UHPA Coalition is committed to notifying their respective
members in the district and using Facebook to direct people to the NotPono.org website.

“This is a unique and
historic gathering of different groups,” said Perreira. “But the
intent of this coalition is simply to ensure people can find out the truth.
That’s something this election sorely needs.”


UHPA Endorsed House District 48 Candidate Jessica Wooley Needs Your Help

Upcoming campaign activities:

  • Sign-waving on Friday, July 27th, from 6:00 – 8:00 a.m. at Kamehameha and Likelike. Meet near the First Hawaiian Bank ATM (Windward City Shopping Center) at 45-480 Kaneohe Bay Drive Bldg H in Kaneohe.
  • Saturday, July 28th, will be the last canvass from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. at Kokokahi YWCA.
  • Volunteers also needed for Primary Day. Please call 864-0400 if you are willing to sign wave on Saturday, August 11th.

Message for Hawaii Stop Flu at School

Influenza (flu) vaccination will be offered by the Department of Health during its annual school-located flu vaccination program for kindergarten through eighth grade students attending participating schools statewide.  Consent forms and additional information about the Stop Flu at School program will be distributed through participating schools in August.

Complete the appropriate consent form (nasal spray or shot), sign, date, and return the consent form to your child’s teacher by September 7, 2012.