The Hawaii Legislative Tracker

Proposed legislation that could impact salaries, benefits and working conditions, state revenue, the UH system and campaign elections have been identified and placed on the bill tracker for easy access. These proposed bills have been culled from hundreds that have been filed. Other legislation that faculty may be interested in can also be located. The Tracker will allow the full reading of the legislation, the status of the bill and hearing dates. It will allow UHPA members to email testimony to committees that is timely and encourages legislators to attend to faculty issues.

UH Community Invited to Meet Congressperson Neil Abercrombie

Congressperson Neil Abercrombie is a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives and has represented the First Congressional District (Honolulu and Leeward Districts) since 1991.  He began his political career in the Hawaii State Legislature in 1974, serving two terms in the House and eight years in the Senate.  He also served on the Honolulu City Council from 1988 to 1990. 

Congressperson Abercrombie has a Master’s degree in Sociology, and a Doctorate in American Studies from the University of Hawaii.  In addition to his political career, Congressperson Abercrombie has worked as a college lecturer and professor, as a waiter, custodian, probation officer, construction apprentice program director, and as a special assistant to the State Superintendent of Education. 

More information about Congressperson Abercrombie can be found at

HB 2937 Would Allow Bargaining Over Benefits for Public Employees – Faculty Testimony Needed

Click here to view HB 2937

Click here to view the hearing notice

Persons wishing to offer comments should submit testimony at least 24 hours prior to the hearing with a transmittal cover indicating:

  • Testifier’s name with position/title and organization;
  • The Committee the comments are directed to;
  • The date and time of the hearing;
  • Measure number; and
  • The number of copies the Committee is requesting.

While every effort will be made to copy, organize, and collate all testimony received, materials received on the day of the hearing or improperly identified or directed to the incorrect office, may be distributed to the Committee after the hearing.

Submit testimony in ONE of the following ways:

PAPER:  4 copies (including an original) to Room 422 in the State Capitol;

FAX:       For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to 586-6331 (Oahu) or 1-800-535-3859 (for Neighbor Islanders without a computer to submit testimony through e-mail or the Web); or

WEB:     For comments less than 4MB in size, transmit from the Web page at

Testimony submitted will be placed on the Legislative Web site after the hearing adjourns.  This public posting of testimony on the Web site should be considered when including personal information in your testimony.

If you require special assistance or auxiliary aids and/or services to participate in the House public hearing process (i.e., sign or foreign language interpreter or wheelchair accessibility), please contact the Committee Clerk at 586-6180 or email your request for an interpreter to at least 24 hours prior to the hearing for arrangements.  Prompt requests submitted help to ensure the availability of qualified individuals and appropriate accommodations.

Selected meetings are broadcast live.  Check the current legislative broadcast schedule on the “Capitol TV” Web site at OR call 550-8074.

SB 2849 EUTF Reform to be Heard in Senate Labor and Judiciary Committees on February 5th – Faculty Testimony Needed

Click here to view SB 2849

Click here to view hearing notice

Testimony supporting this effort can be submitted by following the instructions below:

  • By Email:  Testimony may be emailed if less than 5 pages in length, to the Committee at  Please indicate the measure, date and time of the hearing. Email sent to individual offices or any other Senate office will not be accepted.
  • By Web: Testimony may be submitted online if less than 4MB in size, at
  • In person:  1 copy of their testimony to the committee clerk, Room 204.

Please note:  If you submit your written testimony after 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the hearing, please sign-in at the staff table to testify orally.  A copy of your testimony may not be available during the hearing but will be posted online for the public after the hearing.

If you require special assistance or auxiliary aids or services to participate in the public hearing process (i.e., sign or foreign language interpreter or wheelchair accessibility), please contact the committee clerk 24 hours prior to the hearing so arrangements can be made.

Please note:  All testimony received by the Hawaii Senate will be posted on the Hawaii Legislature’s Website.  Documents made available through the Testimony hyperlink(s) above may not be posted until the start of the hearing.

Public Folder.  A folder labeled “Public Folder” containing the testimonies for the hearing will be available for shared use by members of the public.