Who is UHPA?

We are UHPA! Our Assistant Executive Director is snapping quick YouTubes of our  members and you might be next!


Ideascale: A New Forum That Promotes Open Discussion for UH Faculty

UHPA uses Ideascale, an online program, to allow faculty to post their ideas or suggestions to make UH a better place to teach, research and serve the community. It officially launched in the fall 2012 to coincide with the Faculty Thought Leadership Series, and has been actively used since then. UHPA’s Ideascale site is available and accessible to the public as well.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. A faculty member posts a thought or suggestion on the Ideascale site (uhpa.ideascale.com)
  2. Other faculty members vote on the suggestion by either agreeing or disagreeing. You may also leave a comment as well.
  3. The suggestions with the most “agrees” rise to the top of the list.

Here are some suggestions that currently hover at the top:

  • Take control of our profession! It’s time we take this quote to heart:  “The university is of the faculty, for the students, by the administration” – Al Simone
  • Come up with a way to quantify Administration performance.  While we measure the data related to education, the performance of the campus is measured by money raised.  We need a better way to measure the quality of the university that is in alignment with educational goals.
  • We need a student-centered president…That is familiar with teaching
  • Faculty have to hold the administration accountable.  When administration fails to live up to its promises, faculty needs to hold them accountable.

Be sure to review the Ideascale site on a regular basis to post your comments or vote on yours. Visit http://uhpa.ideascale.com/

Purpose of Palm Drive Perspectives


The notion that those associated with universities live in an ivory tower does not apply to UH faculty. Their contributions to our community may often go unrecognized, but the expertise of our faculty touches the lives of everyone in Hawaii. Their invaluable contributions make Hawaii a better place to live and work.

In each issue of Palm Drive Perspectives, you’ll gain insights into what faculty think on issues that not only impact other faculty, students and our campuses, but also those that affect the broader community.

As the name of this e-newsletter implies, Palm Drive Perspectives focuses on perspectives, commentary, and opinions, while UHPA News will continue to provide UHPA members with timely news and information on upcoming events.

Let us know what you think of Palm Drive Perspectives!


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Faculty Thought Leadership Forums a Success!

With nearly 100 participants between both campuses, the Faculty Thought Leadership Series started off with great energy and great ideas. We’re busy planning out the remaining tour which will come to a campus near you.


We capture 24 ideas on how to make UH a better place to teach, research, and serve the community and posted them online.  All participants get a login and password to contribute and everyone can view the content posted.


We invite your feedback and review on our Facebook page where you can also view some photos from the UH West O’ahu event!


UHPA Introduces New Technology to Respond to Demand for Increased Transparency and to Make UH a Better Institution

The program is designed to not only facilitate discussion among faculty, but also to serve as a way for UH administration, legislators, media and the general public to have a peek at what faculty are saying.

Under the direction of UHPA Board President David Duffy, the faculty union is stepping forward to facilitate these discussions to explore ways to make UH a better place to teach, conduct research and to provide community service.  Peter Kay, UHPA’s chief technology officer, has been providing advice on the best technology to enhance communications.

“We have a front-line perspective of what’s working and not working in the classrooms, for our students, and for our campuses,” said Duffy, a professor of botany at the University of Hawaii-Manoa since 1998. “Faculty are critical to the success of the University of Hawaii system. Admittedly, we’ve abdicated our role as champions and advocates of the UH to those who may not have had the best interests of the UH in mind.”

The Faculty Thought Leadership Series will be a campus-wide town hall meeting for faculty, featuring presentations by Duffy and others as well as opportunities for questions and answers and sharing suggestions and ideas.

UHPA will be videotaping these sessions and airing them on its Youtube channel for faculty to view after the event at www.youtube.com/uhpahawaii.

During each Faculty Thought Leadership Series session, UHPA will also capture faculty suggestions and post them on Ideascale, a tool used by other leading universities across the country. This will allow other faculty to join the conversation while the session is in progress or continue the online discussion after the session. UHPA members will be able to log in at uhpa.ideascale.com and others will be able see what faculty are saying.