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Last Chance To Register For The UHPA Annual Membership Meeting

Reminder to UHPA Members Notice of Annual Membership Meeting The University of Hawaii Professional Assembly will hold its 50th Annual Membership Meeting via Zoom webinar:   Friday, April 12, 2024 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. This is a reminder that as an UHPA member you were sent an invitation on 3/21 via email to join us for UHPA’s virtual Annual Membership Meeting as we present UHPA’s new Board Members and annual reports.  How to Attend To attend the virtual zoom webinar, you [...]

2024-03-28T14:29:51-10:00March 28, 2024|Frontpage, Meetings, Newsletter|

In Solidarity

Divide and Conquer Tactics Quelled Relentless attacks against UH faculty are disguised in different venues,as witnessed in a recent joint hearing held by the Senate Labor and Technology (LBT) and Higher Education (HRE) Committees. While the purpose of the hearing was to hear HB 2720, HD3, Related to Collective Bargaining, Senate HRE Chair Donna Mercado Kim used it as an opportunity to meet her own agenda. She questioned the validity of the need for the graduate assistants to form a union [...]

2024-03-20T16:48:18-10:00March 20, 2024|Commentary, Frontpage, Legislative, News Flash, Newsletter|

AFT Affiliation Provides Great Value for UHPA Members

Dues Begin on April 2024 Everyone is looking for ways to stretch their budgets and seeking the best value for their money. We know that faculty is no exception. Now that UHPA is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), you can expect a monthly $20.18 deduction each month, beginning in April.. That translates to a $10.09 deduction from each of your paychecks. This amount goes directly to AFT; UHPA does not receive any portion of this nor do [...]

2024-03-13T21:18:03-10:00March 13, 2024|Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter, UHPA Organizational|

UHPA Endorses House Candidates

The Legislative Action Committee interviewed four candidates for the State House of Representatives.  Three are first time candidates and one is a second time candidate.  The LAC recommended with the Executive Committee approval that UHPA endorse all four candidates. Andrew Garrett, House District 22 Darius Kila, House District 44 Rachele Lamosao, House District 36 Jenna Takenouchi, House District 27 The LAC was impressed with these candidates and their understanding of both academic concerns of faculty as well as the economic concerns of [...]

New Legislative Protocols

The State Legislature has instituted new protocols for the 2021 Legislative Session.  Starting with their offices are officially closed to the public.  All meetings, hearings, floor sessions will be conducted virtually. All House and Senate Hearings can be easily located on our webpage, UHPA At The Legislature,  Hearings on Demand.  These hearings are broadcast via YouTube and show previously held hearings. The Legislative calendar has been modified by one week, reducing recess days from thirteen to nine. For full details of new [...]

2022-01-28T18:05:56-10:00January 15, 2021|Frontpage, Legislative, Monday Report|

UHPA Endorses Rep. Lisa Kitagawa, House District 48

UHPA is pleased to continue to endorse Rep. Kitagawa  She remains up-to-date on Labor issues that are before the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board.  She understands the struggles of protecting Chapter 89 and demonstrates understanding of the issues pertaining to the University of Hawai‘i system confronting the UH faculty we represent.  Rep. Kitagawa's background continues to serve her well as an advocate for UHPA and her community.  We are excited to endorse her.

2021-09-23T12:59:15-10:00July 25, 2020|Archived Endorsements|

UHPA Endorses Rep. Aaron Johanson, House District 31

Rep. Johanson is the Chair of Labor and Public Employment.  UHPA has found a strong advocate in Rep. Johanson.  He not only understands the issues but seeks to work with us in finding solutions.  The work he has advanced on behalf of the faculty demonstrates his understanding of the issues pertaining to the University of Hawai`i system and economic issues confronting UH and the UH faculty that we represent.  We have appreciated working with him over the years and look forward to [...]

2021-09-23T13:00:10-10:00July 25, 2020|Archived Endorsements|