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Same-Day Registration and Voting Available in the Upcoming Elections

In the 2012 elections, Hawaii’s voter turnout was just 44.5%, the lowest of all the states in the nation. In 2016, Hawaii earned the dubious distinction once again with only 43% of Hawaii’s eligible voters casting a ballot. By contrast, that year Minnesota had the highest turnout at 74.8% and the overall national turnout of eligible voters was 60.2%. To improve voter participation, in 2014 Hawaii became the 12th state in the nation to adopt a same-day registration policy to allow residents [...]

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Colleen Hanabusa for Governor

The University of Hawaii Professional Assembly’s board of directors unanimously voted in favor of endorsing Colleen Hanabusa for governor and officially notified her campaign today. UHPA’s political endorsement committee had recommended Hanabusa to the board for consideration. “Our endorsement was based on input from faculty as well as Colleen’s solid track record of support for public higher education in Hawaii,” said Lynne Wilkens, president of the UHPA board of directors. “We need a governor who is predictable, driven by consistent values, decisive, [...]

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UHPA Endorses Jill Tokuda for Lt. Governor

UHPA is pleased to announce that our UHPA board unanimously voted to endorse Jill Tokuda for Lieutenant Governor. UHPA represents nearly 4,000 faculty members from all 10 University of Hawai‘i campuses across the state.  We may not be a large group, but we have a unique opportunity to touch the lives of many Hawai‘i residents through our teaching, research and community service. We also get to learn firsthand what people are saying and what they want in government leaders. UHPA’s board [...]

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UHPA Endorses Colleen Hanabusa, for Governor

UHPA endorsement is based on faculty input as well as her solid track record of support for public higher education in Hawai‘i.  We agreed we need a governor who is predictable, driven by consistent values, decisive, collaborative and has the integrity to keep promises.  Concerns such as affordable housing, quality child care and elder care and the cost of living are directly linked to the ability to recruit and retain quality faculty.  The UH Faculty has been an economic engine for our [...]

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Mahalo from Jill Tokuda

I am extremely humbled and honored to receive the support of the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA), which represents our UH system’s faculty members at our six community colleges, UH Hilo, UH-Manoa, UH Maui College and UH-West Oahu. UHPA and I are both strongly committed to the achievement of excellence and maintaining the highest standards at the University of Hawaii.  As our state’s only public post-secondary institution and the gateway for generations of students to build a better life for [...]

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UHPA Endorses Heather Kimball, Senate District 4

UHPA was pleased to learn that Heather was a former faculty at the University of California and belonged to UPTE-CMA local 9119.  Heather has a strong higher education background.  Heather understands the issue before UHPA with retention and recruitment, research grants, facilities, and the every pending Janus case.  Heather has been serving her community in a variety of areas, as a business woman working in energy conservation, as a paddling coach to her membership in the American Meteorological Society.  These skills will [...]

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UHPA Endorses Representative Sylvia Luke, House District 25

UHPA is continuing to endorse Representative Luke who Chairs the Finance Committee in the State House.  Representative Luke has always been willing to meet and discuss the important issues facing UHPA members.  Rep. Luke took a strong stand to insure our Bargaining Unit 07 Collective Bargaining Bill was on the agenda for the special session last summer.  This made it possible for faculty to receive their increases in 2018.  We appreciate all she has done to support faculty and look forward to [...]

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UHPA Endorses Kalani English, Senate District 7

UHPA is excited to support Senator Kalani English who currently represents Senate District 7.  Senator English served as Vice Chair of the Labor Committee and was extremely helpful to UHPA during the session.  He personally met with the UHPA legislative team along with Senate leadership to discuss the passage of labor bills introduced by UHPA.  He has demonstrated a strong understanding of Chapter 89, the HLRB and the issues facing public unions due to the Janus case before the US Supreme Court.  [...]

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