Survey Results

These are the results of the first six surveys conducted in 2007.  The poll was sent to approximately 3,000 members which generated a 31% average response rate.

The committee will review all of the results. 

UHPA Successful in Lobbying

UHPA lobbyist John Radcliffe has reported that the Senate/House Conference Committee has agreed to two bills proposed and supported by the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA).  The first bill requires the UH Board of Regents (BOR) to disclose executive/administrative salaries and proposed salary increases at least six days prior to their approval by the BOR.  This will allow time for public comment and review of these salaries.

The Conference Committee also agreed to a proposal that would require that the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) divest any holdings or investiments of companies doing business in Sudan as long as the Darfur crisis continues.

The Legislature has approved both bills and sent them to the Governor for signature.

A final report on all UH and public employee legislation is currently being prepared.

UHPA Supports Mass Transit Connecting Campuses

John Radcliffe testifed at the Honolulu City Council Special Meeting on December 7, 2006 in support of mass transit.  UHPA Associate Executive Director Radcliffe emphasized the need to have the transit route lead between the Manoa campus and future campus at West Oahu.  By linking the campus on Oahu, the transit system will serve both commuter needs and access to higher education.  We are pleased to report that the City Council has accepted a proposed route that will begin in Kapolei and end at the lower campus of Manoa.
Also, to see the full report of the various alternative transit routes, complete with videos, please go to


UHPA Political Candidate Endorsements

Link to endorsements 

EUTF Approves Multiple Health Premium Tiers and More Choices of Coverage

The EUTF Board revised the rate structure and added a two-party rate. Historically, faculty members who enrolled only two people under the trust fund’s insurance programs had to pay the family premium.

The EUTF will shift from insured plans to self-funded plans for all medical & prescription drug plans, except for Kaiser and a dual coverage plan insured by Royal State thus reducing premiums and premium increases.

The EUTF Board will also be offering a choice of medical and hospital insurance (HMSA High Deductible Health Plan & Kaiser – Low Option) with a higher deductible but lower monthly premiums. There will be two additional HMO plans and an additional Preferred Provider Organization plan.