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HMSA publishes EUTF video on receiving care

UHPA received the following (unedited) message from HMSA that may be of interest to our members: We are now past the halfway point of 2021, and a return to normalcy is right around the corner. With the state slowly reopening and travel resuming, it has never been more important to feel safe. Here at HMSA […]

Attend a Tenure and Promotion Workshop Near You

Tenure, Promotion and Contract Renewal Workshops UHPA has been invited to numerous Tenure, Promotion and Contract Renewal workshops throughout the years.  This year is no different.  UHPA staff have already attended the UH-Hilo and the University of Hawaii Community College (UHCC) Dossier Writing Series workshops.  Here is a list of upcoming workshops UHPA will be […]

Contract Successor Agreement Terms Published

2021-2023 Unit 7 Successor Agreement Negotiated Changes Published The approved changes to the Unit 7 successor agreement and the terms agreed upon by the parties that will be incorporated into the 2021-2023 Unit 7 UHPA/BOR Agreement can be found on the UHPA website on the 2021-2023 Tentative Agreement page. Contract Printing of Full Agreement Underway […]

Gov Ige Vetoes Harmful Bills

Reason Prevails! Gov. David Ige Vetoes Legislative Bills Designed to Harm UH It was a tumultuous year for everyone in 2020. The pandemic created a significant budget shortfall that required a closer look at ways to significantly reduce costs. Unfortunately, this resulted in legislative bills that were hastily approved to check the box of reducing […]

UHPA Endorses Lynne Wilkens for ERS Board

Fully endorsed by UHPA Lynne Wilkens has all of the right qualities to serve in the Teacher Seat for the State of Hawai‘i Employees’ Retirement System. She has served in leadership roles with the University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center for the past 33 years and successfully led UHPA through difficult challenges. Over a five-year period, […]

UHPA Faculty Serves Hawai’i’s Communities Through Suicide Prevention

Submitted Nomination of UHPA Faculty Demonstrating our Principles in Action:   Nominee name Deborah A. Goebert and Jeanelle J. Sugimoto-Matsuda Nominee Campus, Dept Manoa, Dept of Psychiatry & Office of Public Health Studies Which of the principles does your submission best demonstrate? Serving the Community Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination? Dr. […]

HMSA video: Talk to your PCP

We are passing on a message from HMSA below with minimal editing: EUTF Actives Open Enrollment has just ended, and it’s a perfect time for your membership to gear up for the new plan year. Plan selections have been made, but what’s next? Part of being healthy means seeing a PCP for regular check-ups and […]