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Members Ask: What is AFT’s Local Political Experience?

This Q&A is part of a continuing series that we introduced with the “Taking a Hard Look at Our Future Starts with Asking the Hard Questions” article

Please identify and list AFT’s work and experience at the Hawaiʻi legislature and local politics

AFT does not have direct experience nor performed any work with the Hawai’i legislature or with local politics and politicians because it has never had a presence or an affiliate in the State of Hawaiʻi. However, the AFT is no stranger to the issues we face as the same attacks against higher education are taking place at a larger scale across the country.  Moreover, AFT’s resources have armed local affiliates of the AFT to fight off numerous legislative attacks on higher education, academic freedom, tenure rights, collective bargaining rights, defunding, etc., as well as, helped introduce and support proactive legislation in support of higher education and faculty.  Through affiliation, AFT will partner with UHPA to entrench itself in our local issues and provide us with the resources, information, strategic help and support needed to devise and implement UHPA’s legislative priorities, political strategy, and fight off anti-faculty and collective bargaining legislation.  

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