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Sample Template Published for SB3269

Record Breaking Attendance 

Mahalo to the close to 500 faculty members who participated in the UHPA Emergency Briefing on SB 3269 yesterday.  We hope that the information we shared provides the background and context you need to prepare your letters, emails, and eventually, testimony, to kill SB 3269.

Email template developed

We understand that this is a complex measure, and in following up on some of the requests from faculty at the Briefing, please find a copy of a SB3269 template for your use. 

Don’t just copy/paste/send

Please remember it is critically important to personalize your letter or email so that your individual voice is heard. Our efforts to stop SB 3269 from moving forward will be much more effective when  faculty members share their personal stories and perspectives about the potential harm, problems, and destruction the proposed bill, if passed, will create. Collectively, this has a powerful impact and makes a lasting impression, just as faculty showed in the Board of Regents meeting last October.     


We greatly appreciate your participation and willingness to engage in unity over this fight for the preservation of tenure, academic freedom, and autonomy.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact UHPA, should you have any questions or concerns.

Me ke aloha,