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April 1 Marks UHPA’s Affiliation with AFT

Next Monday, April 1, marks the official first day of UHPA’s affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). This year also marks the 50th anniversary of UHPA as the exclusive bargaining agent of University of Hawai’i faculty. Protecting Faculty Rights; Expanding Our Impact “Tenure, academic freedom, and other rights have been enshrined in our carefully constructed faculty contracts, but we cannot take any of this for granted,” said Christian Fern, UHPA executive director. “The UHPA team has had to remain [...]

2024-03-28T11:00:19-10:00March 28, 2024|Affiliation, Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter|

In Solidarity

Divide and Conquer Tactics Quelled Relentless attacks against UH faculty are disguised in different venues,as witnessed in a recent joint hearing held by the Senate Labor and Technology (LBT) and Higher Education (HRE) Committees. While the purpose of the hearing was to hear HB 2720, HD3, Related to Collective Bargaining, Senate HRE Chair Donna Mercado Kim used it as an opportunity to meet her own agenda. She questioned the validity of the need for the graduate assistants to form a union [...]

2024-03-20T16:48:18-10:00March 20, 2024|Commentary, Frontpage, Legislative, News Flash, Newsletter|

We Are Not Alone

Inside Higher Ed reported that UH’s Board of Regents controversy is one among others On March 14, 2024, Inside Higher Ed (an online publication that provides news, opinion, resources, events and jobs focused on college and university topics) highlighted in an article “Regents On The Hot Seat” that UH’s governing board controversy mirrors similar  events in Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The article shares insights and suggestions such as developing legal frameworks and governance structures that articulate clear guidelines around why and [...]

2024-03-15T10:56:53-10:00March 15, 2024|Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter|

AFT Affiliation Provides Great Value for UHPA Members

Dues Begin on April 2024 Everyone is looking for ways to stretch their budgets and seeking the best value for their money. We know that faculty is no exception. Now that UHPA is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), you can expect a monthly $20.18 deduction each month, beginning in April.. That translates to a $10.09 deduction from each of your paychecks. This amount goes directly to AFT; UHPA does not receive any portion of this nor do [...]

2024-03-13T21:18:03-10:00March 13, 2024|Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter, UHPA Organizational|

AFT Higher Education

AAUP/AFT - FIGHT AGAINST INTELLECTUAL DIVERSITY As reported in Inside Higher Ed, “the Indiana General Assembly have now passed a controversial bill curtailing diversity, equity and inclusion programs and tenure protections in the state’s public colleges and universities—partly through shifting focus to what Republican lawmakers call “intellectual diversity.” Senate Bill 202 now awaits GOP governor Eric Holcomb’s signature or veto. If it becomes law, the measure will leave it to campus boards of trustees to determine what “intellectual diversity” means in [...]

2024-03-08T18:09:20-10:00March 8, 2024|Affiliation, Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter|


In a highly suspenseful vote, a divided Senate rejected Alapaki Nahale-a to a second term on the UH Board of Regents by a razor thin margin of 13 - 12.  A defeat can be viewed either as a loss or an opportunity.  We understand that there were at least 15 no votes before UHPAʻs Faculty Members started reaching out to their respective Senators sharing their concerns over the conduct and behavior by certain Senators in the Higher Education Committee.  The effort [...]

2024-03-05T13:52:46-10:00March 5, 2024|Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter, Political|

Abuse of Power

There are no limits - When there is no challenge It appears that making a statement about legislative interference and/or influence over the selection of the next UH President comes at a cost.  After watching the debacle, vicious character attacks, and hard-line criticism of BOR Chair Alapaki Nahale-a over a biased view of a lack of authority over UH President David Lassner and the administration, Senator Donna Mercado Kim and the Senate Committee on Higher Education is now prepared to stick [...]

2024-03-02T09:26:11-10:00March 2, 2024|News Flash, Newsletter, Political|

Demystifying Facts From Fiction

Graduate Assistants Claim 80% of Undergraduate Students Are Taught by GAs While UHPA supports the right for all public employees to have the ability to collectively bargain under the State’s collective bargaining law, statements that go unchecked can lead to unintended consequences that impact other parties. Most recently, Academic Labor United (ALU) claimed that 80% of all undergraduate students are taught by a Graduate Assistant (GA) in any given semester.  This claim is now being used by Senator Donna Mercado Kim, [...]

2024-02-28T16:17:54-10:00February 28, 2024|Academic, Frontpage, News Flash|

UH Budget Reductions – Our perspective

It goes without saying that starting your workweek with the news headline that State Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, Chair of the powerful Senate Committee on Ways and Means, had issued a directive to all State departments to reduce their budgets by 10% and 15% to cover the costs incurred for the extensive Maui wildfire response efforts was very troubling and distressing.  While we recognize and sympathize with those negatively impacted by last year’s devastating Maui wildfires, these checkerboard solutions must be [...]

2024-02-27T18:10:01-10:00February 27, 2024|Frontpage, News Flash, UH Funding|

Research Must be a Top Priority

Our UH Faculty Have Spoken University of Hawai‘i faculty believe providing more support for research to maintain the UH’s R1 institution status should be a top priority for the next University of Hawai‘i president, according to an electronic poll taken by the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) from Feb. 5 to 13, 2024. UH Is One Of The Few R1 Universities The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education confers universities with an R1 designation if they maintain “very high research [...]

2024-02-15T16:38:12-10:00February 15, 2024|Frontpage, News Flash, Newsletter, UH Administration|