Your input requested on Cancer Center Proposal

Dean Hedges of JABSOM is proposing a new business plan for the Cancer Center with major changes being presented to the Board of Regents for discussion. Under this proposed approach all future faculty at the Cancer Center would have significantly different compensation guarantees and conditions of work then those presently employed.

UHPA needs input from UH Manoa faculty as to how you believe the proposed changes will affect research and instruction at the Cancer Center and the broader implications for UH Manoa–your specific department or Organized Research Unit.

We have sent a SurveyMonkey invite to all UH Manoa faculty. Please give us your feedback and if you’ve not received the invitation please contact our office.


EUTF Administrative Rule Changes

There have been administrative rule changes in two areas: Reinstatement After Termination for Non-Payment and Adult Disabled Children.

UH Manoa Microbiology–Its fight for survival

Department Chair Stuart Donachie demonstrates the impact of the loss of tenured faculty positions on instruction and research along with the dysfunction in facility planning for a new science building. Other departments experience similar circumstances. UHPA is experiencing an increase in grievances and complaints due to faculty members being impeded in their ability to advance student instruction and research.

Response from the Department of Microbiology to the Manoa Planning Committee’s ‘Preliminary Program Documents.

Rate My Administrator – Vice Chancellor Edition – has been published

The second in series of Rate My Administrator surveys (this one focused on vice chancellors) is available for all UHPA Members to download as a PDF. Our next survey will give our members a chance to rate UH vice-presidents and you will be invited to participate via email.

“These results give faculty members the opportunity for a productive discussion on advancing a better relationship with their respective vice chancellors”, said UHPA Executive Director Kristeen Hanselman. “The results have been shared with President Lassner consistent with UHPA’s commitment to engage in efforts to improve working conditions for faculty members.”

You will need your UHPA Private Member website login and password to access this content

UH Anticipated Hire – 2016

UH presented over 400 pages of budgeted documents.  UHPA has provided two exhibits that may be of interest to our faculty members;  Table 13 anticipated hires for 2016 and Table 14 personnel who left the University from July 1, 2014 – November 30, 2015.

The entire UH budget can be reviewed here.

Spring 2016 Internships in U.S. Senator Brian Schatz’s Offices

Applications for Spring 2016 internships in U.S. Senator Brian Schatz’s Honolulu and Washington, D.C. offices are currently being accepted. To apply, visit  Applications will be considered as received, and we encourage interested students to apply as soon as possible.

An internship with Senator Schatz’s office offers students a deeper understanding of public service, community concerns and priorities, and the legislative process.

Ideal applicants are strong writers with excellent communication skills who are ready to work in a fast-paced and engaging environment. Interns will assist staff with constituent services, community outreach, special projects, research, correspondence, and administrative needs.

The Office welcomes applicants from various majors and interests. We will work with students to use their internship experience to obtain class credit or fulfill degree requirements where possible. We are also looking for faculty, programs, or departments interested in establishing ongoing internship opportunities for their students as part of their curriculum or degree requirements. Internships are available year-round.

Please contact Senator Schatz’s office at 808-523-2061 with any questions.