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UH Manoa Interim Chancellor’s View: Letters of Hire

Interim Chancellor Bley-Vroman's Clarification of HLRB’s Ruling on Letters of Hire On June 16, 2016, the University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly (UHPA) sent a message to its members regarding a recent Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board (HLRB) ruling on letters of hire, also known as offer letters, for prospective faculty members. The University acknowledges and respects the position UHPA has taken and would like to take this opportunity to provide additional clarification and information on this very important issue. UH honors offer letters [...]

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UH Mismanagement No Longer Confined to Athletics

NEWS RELEASE Date:               February 2, 2016 Contact:         Kris Hanselman, Executive Director  ( / (808) 593-2157) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UH Mismanagement No Longer Confined to Athletics Department Hawaii Labor Relations Board to Weigh Merits of Prohibited Practice Complaint on Thursday, February 4, at 9 a.m. Ongoing mismanagement of personnel and the breaking of promises at the University of Hawaii are no longer limited to the athletics department. These factors now impede good instruction and research, and threaten the ability to attract and retain [...]

Your input requested on Cancer Center Proposal

Dean Hedges of JABSOM is proposing a new business plan for the Cancer Center with major changes being presented to the Board of Regents for discussion. Under this proposed approach all future faculty at the Cancer Center would have significantly different compensation guarantees and conditions of work then those presently employed. UHPA needs input from UH Manoa faculty as to how you believe the proposed changes will affect research and instruction at the Cancer Center and the broader implications for UH Manoa--your specific department [...]

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UH Manoa Microbiology–Its fight for survival

Department Chair Stuart Donachie demonstrates the impact of the loss of tenured faculty positions on instruction and research along with the dysfunction in facility planning for a new science building. Other departments experience similar circumstances. UHPA is experiencing an increase in grievances and complaints due to faculty members being impeded in their ability to advance student instruction and research. Response from the Department of Microbiology to the Manoa Planning Committee's ‘Preliminary Program Documents.

Faculty Op-Ed: A Hard Knocks Education

By Robert Cooney, PhD As a young research professor, working within a university research unit in which faculty were fairly judged by their accomplishments and potential, I could not understand why in the world faculty needed a union. After all, didn’t academics believe in truth and honor above all else? Why would one even need a contract in such circumstances? Over the last 30 years I have learned and discovered a lot concerning the role of vitamins in health, epidemiology of cancer, [...]

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