Losing EUTF Health Coverage in Summer 2014

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes referred to as “Obamacare”, requires individuals to have health insurance in 2014. Individuals without health coverage may be subject to a tax penalty.

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Ideascale: A New Forum That Promotes Open Discussion for UH Faculty

When Peter Kay, UHPA’s Chief Technology Officer, stumbled upon a Columbia University web page using “Ideascale,” he knew right away that it would be the perfect tool for UH faculty, too.

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Status of UHPA Heartbleed Safety


So we are safe at two levels: First, we are not using the OpenSSL software which contains the heartbleed bug, and second (and more important) we do not store any sensitive or financial data, reducing the likelihood that we would be a target of attacks.

If you go to the heartbleed test website, enter in www.uhpa.org and
check the “advanced” checkbox you will see that uhpa.org is not
affected.   See the graphic of a screen shot.


Reaching Out to the Next Generation of Scientists is Sheer Genius

UH faculty contribute to our community in numerous ways beyond instruction and research. UHPA member Dr. Ania Wieczorek, Associate Professor in the Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at UH-Manoa, is one of those prolific faculty members who freely shares her knowledge. She serves as Chair of the Graduate Program, providing academic and career guidance to graduate students, and she is equally as adept with leading educational programs for elementary school children.

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IRS Educator Expense Tax Deduction

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NEA Member Benefits Communication Update

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