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First Amendment Tool Kit

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Hawaii has a tool kit that provides information that relate to the laws regarding free speech demonstrations. To view the tool kit, go to:

2011-10-31T14:46:00-10:00October 31, 2011|Legal Judicial|

Settlement Agreement Referenced

Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement referenced in Order No. 2780, Case No. CE-07-708, of the State of Hawaii, Hawaii Labor Relations Board, In the Matter of UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY. Complainant, and BOARD OF REGENTS, University of Hawaii, State of Hawaii, Respondent, the following posting has been issued: (Click on the title to view the posting)

2014-07-29T19:29:37-10:00March 30, 2011|Legal Judicial|

UHPA Wins Unprecedented Case Involving Discrimination Against UH Faculty Member for Involvement in Union Activity

An arbitrator recently determined UH administrators clearly discriminated against faculty member Vickery Lebbin, a librarian with Hamilton Library at UH-Manoa, by denying her a promotion for being involved with union activity. She was the only applicant out of 114 who did not receive a promotion in 2009. Retired Judge Victoria S. Marks, who served as the arbitrator, determined that discrimination had occurred in the Tenure and Promotion process.

2011-03-01T15:50:00-10:00March 1, 2011|Legal Judicial|