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HLRB Member Sesnita Moepono Remarks Upon Recusing Herself from the Hawaii Labor Relations Board

Sesnita Moepono, the management representative on the Hawaii Labor Relations Board, recused herself from participating in the HSTA case after the Ethics Commission found a conflict due to her spouse being an HSTA member. Her comments are a measure of the issues and emotions the HSTA prohibited practice case and accompanying charges has generated.

2014-07-29T19:29:29-10:00August 25, 2011|System Policy|

Email from Karen White, NEA Fund

There is a targeted email to some 450,000 NEA members asking for a PAC contribution to assist in the recall election in Wisconsin. There are two questions which have arisen regarding this solicitation. UHPA is not listed as an affiliate of the NEA and the site does not indicate that it is secured. NEA has been contacted regarding these issues.

2014-07-29T19:29:52-10:00August 2, 2011|Financial|