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Ken Tanaka* works for DaBest Community College as an Assistant Professor. After skimming through "Salaries" section of the ratified Tentative Agreement slated to begin on July 1, 2015, Ken is upset. Having been hired in 1994, Ken was only able to negotiate the minimum salary, and currently makes $60,000 a year. Now the new hire his department receives next year will be entitled to Ken's current salary as a base rate of pay! With all the service Ken has put in, how [...]

2014-12-26T17:21:32-10:00October 6, 2014|Commentary, FacFAQs, Financial, Opinion|

UHPA Board Member Norman Arancon Helping Philippines

A benefit concert is being held to benefit not only the victims of typhoon Haiyan, but the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the central Philippines, particularly the island of Bohol, on October 15. The December 1 show will headline Kristian Lei, an internationally-acclaimed singer, comedian Augie T., and Norman Arancon.

2014-07-29T19:29:36-10:00November 14, 2013|Financial|

Where Does Money for Higher Education Go?

Read and comment on this great op-ed by UHPA President David Duffy: State funding for public higher education in Hawaii always seems to boil down to a philosophical question: What exactly is the role and mission of the University of Hawaii system and is the return worth supporting with tax payer dollars?

2014-07-29T19:29:49-10:00October 24, 2013|Financial|

No More Debt! The New Plan to Destroy Tuition and Loans

How's this for a creative new faculty contract? It focuses on bringing everyone up to the national salary averages in their fields instead of giving across-the-board raises. That means a few EWU professors will get raises as big as $18,000 a year over the next three years and seven, who are paid well above market rates, will get nothing. The unusual contract was embraced both by the faculty union and school administrators.

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