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No More Debt! The New Plan to Destroy Tuition and Loans

How's this for a creative new faculty contract? It focuses on bringing everyone up to the national salary averages in their fields instead of giving across-the-board raises. That means a few EWU professors will get raises as big as $18,000 a year over the next three years and seven, who are paid well above market rates, will get nothing. The unusual contract was embraced both by the faculty union and school administrators.

2013-09-19T10:16:00-10:00September 19, 2013|Financial|

Special UH-West Oahu Board of Director’s Election

Active members at UH-West Oahu were emailed an announcement that informed them about a special Board of Director's election on their campus. Former Director Eun Ahn was appointed as the UHWO Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the end of the spring semester. Since many faculty members were on summer leave, the Nominations and Elections Committee decided to conduct this election in the fall. The N&E has informed members of the timelines and process for this special election.

2013-09-18T16:57:00-10:00September 18, 2013|Campus Specific|

Confusion About Changes in the ERS

The Board of Trustees of the Employees' Retirement System (ERS) adopted new option factor tables for members hired prior to July 1, 2012. These new factor changes (effective January 1, 2014) DO NOT AFFECT the defined pension benefit maximum allowance allocation. The UH Office of Human Resources will be scheduling workshops set for October 17 & 18 to allow ERS representatives to explain the changes and answer questions.

2013-09-13T14:45:00-10:00September 13, 2013|Fringe Benefits|

Limited Confidence in Boards

This article raises serious questions about role and effectiveness of boards and their relations with university presidents, something for UH to think about given that two of the past UH presidents had problems with ours.

2013-09-10T16:18:00-10:00September 10, 2013|Campus Specific|

Academy Fight Song

A delightfully acerbic and insightful view of college capitalism that Christopher Hitchens, the Hitch, might have admired. "Another market-driven disaster will be understood as a disaster of socialism, requiring an ever deeper penetration of the university by market rationality." It points out that we know how to save the universities but are unwilling to do it.

2013-09-09T16:37:00-10:00September 9, 2013|Academic|

IRS Educator Expense Tax Deduction

NEA Higher Education Director Sally Pestana (UHPA KapCC Director) is working with Senator Akaka’s office on the possibility of extending the IRS Educator Expense Tax Deduction to higher ed faculty (currently only K-12 teachers are eligible). His office has requested data on the amount higher ed faculty spent out of pocket for teaching supplies.

2014-08-12T13:25:09-10:00September 4, 2013|Newsletter|

NCHE E Letter – September 2007

Topics Highlighted in this Issue: • Contingent Academic Workers • Reauthorization of Higher Education Act • Academic Freedom • University of Phoenix Fraud Case • College Access for the Working Poor • 2008 Higher Ed Conference • NCHE Appointment

2014-07-29T19:29:44-10:00September 4, 2013|Academic|

NCHE E Letter – October 2007

Topics Highlighted in this Issue: • College Cost Reduction Act of 2007 • Part-Time Student Graduation Rates • Academic Freedom • Global Measure of Student Learning • HE Conference • Regional Leadership Conferences • 2008 Dates to Remember

2014-07-29T19:29:44-10:00September 4, 2013|Academic|