This message is for employees that enrolled or made changes to their health plans during the 2013 Hawai‘i Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) open enrollment period and have not yet received a confirmation notice in the mail.  Please read the EUTF memo for instructions if you need to see a doctor or dentist or fill a prescription in July 2013.  To view memo:

EUTF recommends you email and in the subject line type: URGENT! CONFIRMATION OF COVERAGE NEEDED.

Information regarding your health plans may be viewed on the EUTF’s website  Should you have any questions, please contact the EUTF at 586-7390 or via email at

Thank you.

Clifford Shinchi
Human Resources Specialist
University of Hawai’i
Office of Human Resources
Phone: (808) 956-8607
Fax: (808) 956-3952