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Unprecedented Actions to Reduce Teaching Equivalencies (TE) at Kapiolani CC

UHPA was notified by Chancellor Pagotto of a significant cut in Teaching Equivalencies (TE) for Spring 2020 due to fiscal problems at Kapiolani CC. These reductions affect a large number of faculty members and is without precedence. TE’s constitute work responsibilities that are part of your compensation and conditions of work. These reductions may impact delivery of instruction and support for students along with diminished employment for some employees. The impact of these measures is not fully known. UHPA was not consulted [...]

2019-09-26T16:56:25-10:00September 26, 2019|Academic, Campus Specific, Frontpage, Kapiolani CC, Newsletter|

Kapiolani CC Chancellor Leon Richards Announces Retirement

On May 4, 2016 UHPA received a copy of a Kapiolani Community College letter from the Chancellor's office announcing the retirement of Chancellor Leon Richards from his present position on May 15, 2016 and from UH on December 1, 2016. Shrinking support for the chancellor This announcement marks the end of a series of No Confidence votes on the chancellor and public Op-Eds. UHPA Members at Kapiolani Community College embarked on a long and arduous journey to bring about change on their [...]

2016-05-04T20:43:42-10:00May 4, 2016|Campus Specific, Frontpage, Kapiolani CC, Newsletter|

Why I voted no confidence on Dr. Richards at Kapiolani CC

I first began teaching at KCC in 1989. Since then I have moved from being a part time lecturer teaching multiple disciplines to a full professor and the current Chair of the Arts and Humanities Department. I voted no confidence on a personal level because I have watched myself and many of my colleagues shift slowly and inexorably from professionals who joyfully engaged students, sharing our passion for the subjects we teach, to feeling like we must put our heads down, disengage [...]

2016-05-03T13:10:34-10:00April 28, 2016|Frontpage, Kapiolani CC, Newsletter, Opinion|
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