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The Supreme Court tsunami that might take your rights away – A UHPA Gathering is Coming to Your Campus

If you care about salary raises, tenure, and defending faculty rights, your participation in this UHPA interactive session is vital. See campus-specific dates and times listed at the bottom and also check your email for meeting reminders. Please make time for this. Why should you attend: To defend the employee rights you have fought so hard for. The “Janus” case is currently being heard by the Supreme Court and most agree that its outcome will almost certainly be an unprecedented attack on [...]

2017-11-02T09:29:56-10:00October 30, 2017|Campus Specific, Frontpage, Newsletter|

UHPA Supports Ka‘āina Hull for the ERS Board

Retirement benefits offered through the Hawaii Employee Retirement System (ERS) continue to be a vital component of our overall benefits package.  Over the past five years, the ERS Board of Trustees have been empowered to make more decisions that could impact the viability and sustainability of our retirement system.  Current discussions taking place at the ERS Board could impact the retirement benefits of current members. The upcoming ERS Board election is an opportunity to select an individual that will be able to protect faculty interests and [...]

2017-10-20T21:58:26-10:00October 20, 2017|ERS/EUTF, Frontpage, Newsletter|