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Justice for Pacific Beach Hotel Workers

In a 50-page report, Judge James Kennedy of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ordered the Pacific Beach Hotel and its parent organization, HTH Corporation, to resume recognition of the ILWU as the exclusive representative, to bargain in good faith, to reinstate the seven terminated negotiating committee members with payment of back wages, to cease and desist from infringing on the rights of employees, etc. The order, however is not yet in effect and the ILWU would like you to continue your support until a settlement has been reached.

2014-07-29T19:29:36-10:00October 13, 2009|Legal Judicial|

Kudos to Joseph Chernisky!

Joseph Chernisky, former UHPA President and Professor of Religion at Leeward Community College, has been selected for the 2010 NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence. He will be honored by the National Education Association Foundation's "Salute to Excellence in Education Gala" in Washington, DC on February 12, 2010.

2014-07-29T19:29:37-10:00October 13, 2009|Campus Specific|

Opinion Piece by UHPA President Duane Stevens in Advertiser (10/12/09)

State must support its world-class university. Years of faculty work to raise UH's profile could be lost forever. The economy does not appear to be improving soon and fingers may now be pointing at University of Hawaii faculty with the questions: Why didn't you accept the UH administration's last best final offer? Since Gov. Linda Lingle and the UH administration aren't budging, why not take the high road and move forward for the sake of higher education? (Click on the title to view the entire opinion piece or to access the link to the Advertiser Commentary.)

2014-07-29T19:29:52-10:00October 12, 2009|System Policy|

Faculty Vote Overwhelming Against Accepting the UH Administration’s “Final” Contract Offer

UHPA members voted 1,968 (86.2%) to 315 (13.8%) to reject the employer’s "Last, Best, Final Offer". This vote is an absolute majority of bargaining unit 7. A total of 3,000 UHPA members of the total 3,700 faculty in bargaining unit 7 were eligible to vote. UHPA is contacting the Federal mediator to request negotiations be resumed with the UH administration. The UHPA Collective Bargaining Committee is meeting today, October 8, to discuss contract counter proposals that would be more acceptable to the faculty while responding to the financial crisis that the Governor has placed on the university. The current contract remains in effect. (Click on the title of the news item to access the link to the YouTube video.)

2014-07-29T19:29:26-10:00October 9, 2009|UHPA Organizational|

ERS Conversion Process

In the March 2009 issue of “Holomua,” the State Employees’ Retirement System’s (ERS) newsletter for active public employees, the eligibility requirements to participate in the conversion from the Non-contributory Plan service to the Hybrid Plan service are indicated. It is reported that a consultant would assist the ERS with the conversion project. For your information, the September 2008 report on the Discussion of Alternatives for Factors to Convert Class C Service to Class H Service by Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company, consultants and actuaries for the ERS, is attached. Additionally included is the ERS Hybrid Service Conversion Tables.

2009-10-08T10:42:00-10:00October 8, 2009|Fringe Benefits|