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Hawaii Public Radio Needs Our Help

This year UHPA resumed its long standing financial support for HPR. UHPA was one of the original sponsors of HPR thirty years because of the unique source of programming it brought to these islands. We know that a large portion of our membership is dedicated to the concept and reality of public radio as avid listeners. We now need to show our support during this current pledge. Our financial support of HPR is a visible expression of our commitment to the community-at-large, and these are difficult times for many in the community to continue their contributions. Let us stand up, collectively, help bridge the gap so that HPR can continue.

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Open Letter of Solidarity with UH Faculty by Graduate Students

Graduate students and graduate student alumni at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, write to express their solidarity with the UH faculty who voted to protect affordable, public higher education in Hawai'i. By voting to reject the university's Last Best Final Offer, the UH faculty clearly demonstrated their commitment to UH students and quality public education.

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Faculty and Students Tell BOR “You Need to Listen!”

On October 15th, a number of student and faculty spoke eloquently about the impact on student learning and need to keep good faculty at UH. A message to the BOR that “you do not have your hand on the pulse” of students or faculty was sent with a request that the BOR do three things: In November, significant time should be set aside to listen to the UH community; the BOR should declare there will be no retrenchment; and the BOR and administration should lobby with faculty and students to restore UH funding to 07-08 levels. Click on the title to see UH Manoa Professor Jonathan Osorio’s remarks to the BOR.

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Gartley Hall Closure Means Manoa Psychology Department Need a Facility

Professor Ashley E Maynard, chair of the UH Manoa Psychology Department requested that the BOR address the immediate need for faculty and students to be housed together in a safe place to continue the departments work. The Psychology department is the largest single major at UH Manoa and provides clinical consultation to a large number of citizens. These efforts were disrupted when Gartley Hall was closed due to a potential collapse of the structure. Click on the title to access the link to the BOR request.

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