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A Response to Professor Dan Boylan’s Midweek Article

The following is a response to Professor Boylan’s article.

Dear Dan:

I am an UHPA member and also serve on its Board of Directors. We don’t consider ourselves better than the K12 teachers, or any of the other unions caught up in Governor Lingle’s mess.

The governor may not be responsible for empty hotel rooms, etc., but she is responsible for placing the problem of lower state revenues squarely on the backs of public workers.

By rejecting a 5 percent pay cut and the so-called “last, best, final offer,” UHPA is saying no, UH, you have not bargained in good faith with us.  It is the only offer you have made. Come back to the table and negotiate.

Although we welcome the salary minima and scholarships offered in “LBFO” (which we suggested as two points on a wish list early in contract talks), it seems to me that they are low-cost concessions meant to distract and divide faculty. The truth is that most of us are facing cuts of at least 12% per year, with no guarantees that the University will not retrench, or eliminate, entire programs after June 30, 2010.

Not only our livelihoods, but the quality of our institution is at stake.  I hope you, too, will say NO and send a clear message to the employer that a decent conversation has not yet been had.


Paulette Feeney
Assistant Specialist, UH Manoa