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Faculty and Students Tell BOR “You Need to Listen!”

Professor Jonathan Osorio’s Remarks to the BOR:

Our concerns:

That past, present and perhaps future cuts to the operation of this university will lead to a permanent reduction of its stature in the academic community.

That the authoritarian and unilateral handling of this budget crisis by our administration, in the form of a single last, best, final offer, clearly signals that faculty will be minimally consulted if the university adopts a plan to retrench.

That any process of retrenchment, which does not fully involve faculty will simply fail to protect the unique character and academic strengths of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, while stranding undergraduates and graduate students.

That the response of the administration and the silence of the Board of Regents to the budget cuts signals an unwillingness to publicly advocate for this university’s support in these difficult times, advocacy thus being shouldered at this point, by faculty and students.

That the state’s plan to deal with its budget difficulties needlessly cripples public and higher education in Hawaii, and that these institutions, more than any other are necessary for the present and future livelihood of our people.

Our proposed remedies:

  • That the Board of Regents (BOR) set aside time/day to listen.
  • That the BOR declare that there will be no retrenchment.
  • That the BOR and the administration join with faculty and students to pressure the legislature and the governor to restore UH funding to 07-08 levels.