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Instant Tenure

President McClain proposes that the Regents delegate to his office the authority to grant immediate tenure to administrators and faculty members.

2007-10-26T11:28:00-10:00October 26, 2007|System Policy|

EUTF New Prescription Drug Plan for PPO & Supplemental Plan Subscribers

It has come to our attention that many of you are having difficulty contacting the Employer Union Health Benefit Trust Fund (EUTF). UHPA has also tried on several occasions to contact them since July 1st. We have expressed our concerns to the EUTF’s Administrator and to EUTF's Trustee, John Radcliffe. Based on our understanding, many of the questions/problems are on the new prescription drug plan.

2014-07-29T19:29:53-10:00October 17, 2007|Fringe Benefits|