Proposed Change in the CC Classification Document


In the summer of 2006 UHPA was sent a draft of changes being proposed by the new VP for Community Colleges to the Faculty Classification Plan.  This document describes the work of faculty members, from instruction to student advising, and is used in conjunction with the CC Tenure & Promotion Guidelines for those applying for promotion and tenure.  The document is supposed to state the various expectations of instructors, academic support faculty, and counselors by ranks C2 through C5 (instructor to professor.) 


For a number of years, the community college campuses were reviewing the classification document in an effort to add a new category for faculty members teaching in the continuing education and training offerings for the colleges.  There are a relatively few number of individuals in these programs, but they were having difficulty with tenure and promotion applications when attempting to meet the expectations of the ranks. Since these instructors did not teach typical credit courses and were often creating specialized courses for outside companies and industries, some TPRC panels had problems evaluating their work based on the instructional criteria.  Therefore, a new fourth category was added to the classification document titled Continuing Education and Training.


However, when the proposed changes to the classification plan came to UHPA in 2006, they contained more than just the inclusion of a new category of faculty work.  The document had changed the evaluation criteria through the inclusion of student learning outcomes (SLO) in response to what the administration believed were the demands of the AACJC  UHPA Executive Director J. N. Musto met with Vice President Morton to discuss the proposal and raise objections to the use of the classification document as an attempt to change individual faculty evaluation criteria. 


In response to these concerns, VP Morton moved to put together a “task force” to review the document, and for the last year Chancellor Peggy Cha, assisted by Sandra Uyeno, chaired a committee comprised of Marcia Roberts-Deutsch (HonCC), Harry Davis (KapCC), Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, Joseph Chernisky (LeeCC & UHPA President) and J. N. Musto.  The committees met and discussed the document during the 2006-2007 academic year through the summer and into the fall of 2007.


After receiving the advice, comments, recommendations, and wording alternatives from the committee, VP Morton brought the process to close in October and asked the Council of CC Chancellors to approve a new CC Classification document.   The proposal will be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval at the meeting scheduled for November on Maui.


The document has been shared with the campus senate chairs, and at the request of the ACCFSC, VP Morton has given individuals until November 2nd to make comments.  Those comments can be sent directly to VP Morton and copied to the appropriate senate chair and UHPA.


The attached documents are the original proposal from July 2006 (showing edits) and the final October document provided by Chancellor Cha (not showing edits.)  Faculty members should compare and contrast the documents, both from the prior document, the original proposed changes, and the final document.  UHPA will be surveying the community college faculty, via the web page, for an indication of support or opposition to the final document. The survey will also enable comments.  We will use the survey results to construct our testimony before the Regents in November.

Instant Tenure

After some discussion over the years, UH is on the cusp of making an historic change in the granting of tenure.  A proposal has been sent to the faculty senate chairs on the ACCFSC that would allow the President to grant tenure.  UH has always required at least one year of probationary status before being granted tenure by the Regents.  This new policy would delegate to the President the authority to grant tenure to administrators and faculty members immediately upon hire.  Other universities grant immediate tenure as a method of recruiting outstanding, and usually well established, faculty members from other institutions.  This policy, should it be accepted, would still require the Board of Regents to approve normal tenure applications, but would open a new door to the granting of tenure that could by-pass the traditional faculty initiated review processes.  Some would argue that except for faculty members with tenure moving into academic administrative positions, the granting of tenure to a new administrator is inappropriate.  For a time, the Regents were hiring UH administrators on five year contracts without tenure in an academic department.

Comments on this proposal should be sent to Vice President Linda Johnsrud

October 2007 Board Notes


NEA Higher Ed Director Sally
Pestana reported that Congress passed the NEA supported “College Cost
Reduction and Access Act (H.R. 2669).  This law provides for the biggest increase in student financial aid since the GI Bill!  The law will:

  • Increase the maximum Pell Grant award
  • Reduce interest rates on subsidized student loans by 50%
  • Create
    new tuition assistance grants (up to $4000 per year) for undergraduates
    who commit to teaching in public schools in high-poverty communities or
    high-need subject areas
  • Create an Asian American and Pacific Islander Higher Education Serving Institution designation


The Asian American and Pacific
Islander Higher Education Serving Institution designation will allow
increased access to federal grants and other benefits, similar to the
benefits the “historically black college” designation has provided.

NEA would like to update higher
education faculty that the Senate passed the Higher Education
Amendments of 2007 (S. 1642) to reauthorize the Higher Education Act.  NEA opposes the Senate inclusion of the so called “academic bill of rights”.  The ABOR would undermine academic freedom under the guise of protecting students against purported, unproven bias by faculty.  NEA
believes colleges and universities already have sufficient policies and
procedures in place to ensure the quality of education, while
guaranteeing the rights of students and faculty.

The House has not yet taken up the Higher Ed reauthorization.  However, the Education Committee Chair, Congressman Miller, supports the omission of the ABOR provision.



President Joseph Chernisky summarized the issues indicated in his written report.

As a follow up to last month’s report,
President Chernisky clarified the consultation versus the negotiations
process, and when it would be appropriate to have UHPA representation.

President Chernisky attended the UH-Manoa
Faculty Senate reception on September 18 that was hosted by Chancellor
Virginia Hinshaw.  He suggested that Directors work cooperatively with the Faculty Senate Chairs from their campus.  Board Directors were informed to check out the links on the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs’ (ACCFSC) website:

The UH Community College Faculty Classification Task Force met on September 26.  Members
of the Task Force are Chancellors Clyde Sakamoto (Maui CC) and Peggy
Cha (Kauai CC), Faculty Senate representatives Harry Davis (Kapiolani
CC) and Marcia Roberts-Deutsch (Honolulu CC), UHPA Executive Director
J. N. Musto, UHPA President Joseph Chernisky (Leeward CC), and
Community Colleges Director of Human Resources Sandra Uyeno.  Executive
Director Musto has continued to question the unnecessary distinction
between teaching and learning, the risks of outcome and performance
driven measures, which are included in the draft document.  UHPA and the faculty representatives on the Task Force have recommended changes and clarification in the language.  Executive
Director Musto suggested using the SurveyMonkey on UHPA’s website to
get feedback from Community College faculty members regarding the
proposed Classification Plan.

UHPA Executive Director J. N. Musto,
Collective Bargaining Committee Chair Karla Hayashi, and President
Chernisky consulted with Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda
Johnsrud and Director of Academic Planning and Policy Joanne Itano on
the proposed new Executive Policy E9.113 regarding the duties and
responsibilities, criteria, selection process, etc. of
Division/Department Chairs and the appointment of Program Directors and
Chairs of Academic Subdivisions.  Numerous concerns were
raised such as they are not supervisory or managerial staff but they
have “oversight,” there is expansion of duties, etc.

President Chernisky expressed his
appreciation to Professor Michael Cooney, Associate Executive Director
James Kardash, and Faculty Senate Panel members Harry Davis (Kapiolani
CC), Daniel Kruse (Maui CC), Linda Currivan (Leeward CC), David Chin
(UH-Manoa), and James Tiles (UH-Manoa) for putting together an
excellent Faculty Forum.  He thanked UHPA Vice President Adrienne Valdez for her initiative and follow through on the membership drive.  They plan to look at vacancies amongst the UHPA Faculty Representatives.

In closing, he reminded Directors that
there are 12 Board of Regents seats that need to be filled and the
committee will be looking at candidates beginning November 1.  Additional information can be found at



Executive Director J. N. Musto reported
that UHPA has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the
University of Hawaii at West Oahu to incorporate the Vice Chancellor
for Academic Affairs into their promotion and tenure review procedures.  UH-West
Oahu is in the process of developing division personnel procedures now
that the size of the institution’s programs has significantly grown.

Executive Director Musto has met with
UH-Hilo administrators and UHPA Faculty Representatives to discuss the
contract provisions governing tenure and promotion procedures.  UH-Hilo
departments with six or more full-time faculty members may choose to
have Departmental Personnel Committees, rather than utilize the
Division Personnel Committee structure.  However, the
contract does not refer to the number of tenured faculty members in a
department, where at UH-Manoa, if a department or program has fewer
than five tenured faculty members, the Dean may constitute a Faculty
Personnel Committee made up of UH-Manoa tenured faculty members from
the department and other related disciplines.

Kapiolani Community College has been the
source of multiple administrative policy initiatives that have a
significant, if not negative, impact on the faculty.  For
example, a new policy was proposed by the KCC administration that would
require 11-month Department Chairs to teach a class or two during the
summer as part of their “load” and without any additional compensation.  They
have also proposed to limit the number of summer session classes that
9-month faculty members could teach during the summer.  The
contract does not set any limit on a 9-month appointed faculty member’s
ability to teach, research, or conduct any other outside employment
during the off-duty period.

Executive Director Musto reported on the Board of Regents (BOR) meeting that was held in Hilo on September 27 and 28.  In
addition to the controversial approval of the Navy contract to form a
University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), the Regents approved the
2008 supplemental budget request and the UH’s legislative package.  Although
Chancellor Tseng was pressing hard to get funding for new UH-Hilo
soccer and softball fields, it was not listed as a tier one high
priority.  UH President David McClain pointed out that
UH-Manoa had made their Title IX women’s athletic requests as a top
priority, and the Regents only approved those listed in the first
grouping.  Regent Chair Kitty Lagareta informed the BOR
that she would not continue as the Chair of the Board of Regents;
therefore, an election for a new Chair was held.  At its
meeting the prior month, the Regents were unable to elect a new chair,
although Regent Andres Albano, Jr. was elected Vice Chair.  In
a historic display of openness, there was a contested election for the
Chair position, between Regents Ronald Migita and Allan Landon.  The first vote produced no result, but after a second ballot Allan Landon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Hawaii, was elected as the new chair of the UH Board of Regents.



Treasurer Ming-BaoYue reported that Comptroller Linda Sawai has been processing non-members’ dues rebate requests.  As of September 13, UHPA sent out 740 rebate packets to non-members and have received 35 requests.  The rebate request deadline is October 17.  Treasurer
Yue reported that as of October 4, UHPA has received 126 objections
from members to have $5.00 from their dues go toward the Political
Action Fund for this fiscal period.  Due to the schedule of the Board meeting, there was insufficient time to prepare the financial statements for last month.  Directors passed a motion to receive the Treasurer’s report and to refer it to the Finance Committee.



President Chernisky reported that
the Executive Committee, at its meeting on October 5, 2007, approved
the purchase of two laptop computers, one for the Executive Director
and the other for incoming Associate Executive Director Kristeen

New Directors were informed that
UHPA’s Constitution and By-Laws are being reviewed to ensure our
language is in compliance with Hawaii’s not-for-profit corporate laws.  Directors
were given copies of the proposed draft of UHPA’s Articles of
Incorporation and By-Laws and assigned to review the language
thoroughly.  Attorney Jeff Piper, who has been working with UHPA on this, will meet with Directors in November to answer any questions.  When the document is finalized, it will be shared with UHPA members, who will need to vote to approve the changes.



Vice President Adrienne Valdez, who
also chairs the Nominations and Elections Committee, informed Directors
about UHPA’s Membership Drive.  At the Faculty Forum,
Faculty Representatives were enlisted to make personal contacts with
non-members and new hires to request that they become members.

The Nominations and Elections Committee requested confirmation of new Faculty Representatives.  Directors passed a motion with one abstention to confirm the appointments of Marcia Roberts-Deutsch (Honolulu CC) for PAU 007, Mimi Yen (Kapiolani CC) for PAU 012, Scott Robertson (UH-Manoa) for PAU 060, and James Cartwright (UH-Manoa) for PAU 116 effective immediately.  Terms
for Faculty Reps Mimi Yen and James Cartwright will expire on May 31,
2008, and terms for Faculty Reps Marcia Roberts-Deutsch and Scott
Robertson will expire on May 31, 2009.



Directors passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), James De Ste Croix (Leeward CC), Earl Hishinuma (UH-Manoa), Richard Morris (UH-Hilo), Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa), Derek Oshiro (Honolulu CC), Mark Rognstad (UH-Manoa), Sharon Rowe (Kapiolani CC), Alan Teramura (UH-Manoa), and Glenn Teves (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC).

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Belinda Aquino (UH-Manoa), Brenda Cartwright (UH-Manoa), James Cartwright (UH-Manoa), Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), Malia Manol (UH-Manoa), James McFarland (Kauai CC), Barry Nakamura (Leeward CC), Suzanna Reiss (UH-Manoa), Nandita Sharma (UH-Manoa), and Elizabeth Tam (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Legislative and Political Action Committees.

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Amy Anderson (UH-Manoa), Margaret Bruck (Maui CC), Ruth Horie (UH-Manoa), Peter Rappa (UH-Manoa), Jonathan Schwartz (UH-West Oahu), and Jeffrey Zuckernick (Kapiolani CC) as members of the UHPA Nominations and Elections Committee.

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Roy Fujimoto (Windward CC), Thomas Jackson (UH-Manoa), and Ming-Bao Yue (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Ad Hoc Committee on Special Projects.

Terms on the above committees take effect immediately and will expire on August 31, 2008.



Directors were informed that former
Director Jerome Comcowich’s written report on his attendance at the NEA
Representative Assembly (RA) was included with their Board material.  His report can be viewed at  In quoting Director Comcowich, President Chernisky encouraged Directors to attend and participate in future RA’s.

EUTF New Prescription Drug Plan for PPO & Supplemental Plan Subscribers

Effective July 1st, if you selected one of the EUTF’s Preferred Provider plan option or the supplemental plan, National Medical Health Card (NMHC) is the carrier for the State’s prescription drug plan.  This plan was chosen by the EUTF’s Trustees to process your prescription drug benefits.  Please be sure to take your NMHC’s drug ID card with you to your pharmacist.  If you are advised that you are not covered, contact the EUTF @ (808)586-7390 or toll free @ (800)295-0089 or by email @ 

EUTF has instructed NMHC to duplicate pharmacy benefits that you had.  You will be able to receive the same prescription medications and continue to go to the same pharmacies as you did before.  You will also continue to pay the same pharmacy co-pays that you paid for generic or brand name drugs before July 1st .

After July 1st, if you have refills available through your existing mail service provider, you will be able to obtain refills through NMHC’s mail service without obtaining a new prescription from your physician.

Visit the NMHC’s website if you have questions about your prescription drug plan or contact their Hawaii-based Customer Care Center representative at 1-866-533-6977.  They are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

September 2007 Board Notes


UHPA President Joseph Chernisky welcomed Directors to a new fiscal year.  He recognized new and returning Directors Brenda Cartwright (UH-Manoa), Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa), Nandita Sharma (UH-Manoa), James Tiles (UH-Manoa), Rick Randolph (Kauai CC), John Cole (Hawaii CC), and Karla Hayashi (UH-Hilo).  He noted that returning Director Robert Paull (UH-Manoa) was presently in Australia.


Directors met in Executive Session to consider the Executive Director’s proposed letter of employment for Kristeen Hanselman.  Ms. Hanselman brings over thirty years of professional experience working in public sector negotiations and political affairs.  She
served for twelve years as a manager for the National Education
Association charged with overseeing the NEA national higher education
operations.  Directors unanimously passed a motion to approve the letter of employment for Kristeen Hanselman effective December 1, 2007.  Ms.
Hanselman will be an Associate Executive Director, whose duties include
assisting with contract grievance enforcement, collective bargaining,
developing membership engagement programs, and working on issues
relative to government affairs, beginning with planning for a possible
Hawai‘i State Constitutional Convention.  Although Ms.
Hanselman’s formal appointment will not begin until December, she will
begin immediately to work with the UHPA Executive Committee and staff
in preparation for the assumption of her duties.


NEA Higher Education Director Sally Pestana reported that the NEA Board will be meeting in a week.  The link to the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) newsletter has been posted on UHPA’s website.


  • President
    Joseph Chernisky described his mission as President, which is “To
    preserve and enhance the professional rights and professional
    responsibilities of the UHPA membership through organizational,
    educational and advocacy strategies for the good of the UH faculty, the
    UH System and public higher education in Hawai’i.”  To that end, UHPA’s challenge will be to work toward that goal.  President Chernisky intends to work at the grassroots level.  He indicated that there may be times when the faculty may need to “agitate the pot” in order to be heard.
  • He reported that the UH President’s Emerging Leader program participants have been selected.  UH-Manoa Board Director Brenda Cartwright is one of the faculty members selected.  Other faculty include Harriet Y. Abe (UH-Manoa), Kainoa Ariola (UH-Hilo), Ruth O. Bingham (UH-Manoa), Diane Caulfield (Honolulu CC), David N. Chin (UH-Manoa), Kenoalani Dela Cruz (Hawaii CC), Jonathan Goss (UH-Manoa), Mary F. Heller (UH-West Oahu), Richard T. Kasuya (UH-Manoa), Barbara J.B. Leonard (UH-Hilo), Kealalokahi Losch (Kapiolani CC), Laura E. Lyons (UH-Manoa), Jason E. Maddock (UH-Manoa), Patricia McGrath (Kauai CC), Aulii-Ann Ross (Leeward CC), Barbara Ross (Kapiolani CC), and Wendy H.T. Sora (UH-Manoa).
  • UHPA
    Vice President Adrienne Valdez, who is also the Chair of the
    Nominations and Elections Committee, was asked to report on UHPA’s
    membership drive.  There are over 700 non-members and
    Faculty Representatives, at the October 6 Faculty Forum, will be given
    an updated list of the faculty members in their Primary Academic Units
    (PAUs).  The list indicates faculty who are members of UHPA and those who are not.  The membership drive will be done in phases.  Directors offered suggestions to assist the membership process.
  • The
    Faculty Forum will have a panel discussion on “The Present Threat to
    Higher Education Values” and a discussion with members of the All
    Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs on the “Developing a United
    Faculty Response to External Forces:  A Proactive Strategy.”  Directors
    were referred to an article by Erwin Chemerinsky, a Professor of Law
    and Political Science at Duke University, who was not hired as UC
    Irvine’s founding law school dean because of an Op-Ed article he had
    written before he was offered the position as Dean.  He indicates that this was a lesson in academic freedom.  The
    UC Irvine Chancellor’s remarks are also noted that the decision to
    rescind the offer was not a matter of academic freedom, but just a
    management decision.
  • The Hawaii State AFL-CIO’s 22nd
    Biennial Convention will be held on Friday, October 26, 2007, at the
    Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa, Coral Ballroom IV.  In addition to UHPA President Joseph Chernisky, who is on the State AFL-CIO Board, UHPA is allotted five delegates.  Directors
    Joshua Cooper, Ruth Horie, Richard Nettell, Sally Pestana, and Adrienne
    Valdez will represent UHPA at the Biennial Convention.
  • Former UH-Manoa Director L. Thomas Ramsey is a member on the UH Board of Regents’ Candidate Advisory Council.  He informed UHPA leaders that there are twelve seats that will become available on the Board of Regents.  The deadline for list of Regent candidates due Governor Lingle is March 1.


Executive Director J. N. Musto introduced Kris Hanselman as the new Associate Executive Director.  He
indicated his enthusiasm at being able to bring Ms. Hanselman to UHPA
and felt that she would immediately be of assistance to the faculty and
the leadership of UHPA.  After giving some introductory
remarks, Ms. Hanselman expressed her appreciation to the Directors and
looked forward to working with the UHPA staff and UH faculty members.

Executive Director Musto reported on the following.

  • Directors
    were provided the September 7, 2007 final draft copy of the proposed
    new Executive Policy on Security and Protection of Sensitive
    Information that was prepared by the Information Technology Services
    and the Office of General Counsel.  They also received
    copies of the proposed Executive Policy E5.211, Policy for Responding
    to Allegations of Scientific Research and Scholarly Misconduct, and
    Executive Director Musto’s September 6 response to Vice President James
  • As
    reported earlier, UHPA applied for a higher education competitive
    membership grant with the National Education Association (NEA), which
    would be used to conduct a pilot electronic voting system for UHPA
    elections.  By earlier action of the Directors, all of the
    internal voting for UHPA Faculty Representatives and Board of Directors
    during the 2007-2008 academic year will be conducted using electronic
    voting.  Directors were informed that the $10,000 grant has been approved.  On Monday, September 17, an online survey relating to electronic voting will be sent to members.  UHPA
    will be researching the different voting software programs that are
    secure and can best fit what is required to conduct our elections.  There
    are many faculty members who are not in close proximity to the campuses
    and/or the state, and online voting would alleviate the difficulty of
    using mail ballots, especially for faculty located in other countries
    or isolated areas.
  • UHPA has been invited to participate in the 2007 Creating Strong Affiliates Conference in Austin, Texas from November 1-4, 2007.  Attending
    will be Executive Director Musto, UHPA President Joseph Chernisky, UHPA
    Vice President Adrienne Valdez, UHPA Secretary & CBC Chair Karla
    Hayashi, Web Consultant Peter Kay, and incoming Associate Executive
    Director Kristeen Hanselman.
  • Executive Director Musto reported that he will be attending the NEA Research Advisory Council meeting the week of September 17.  The Council reviews different contracts and data base.  This
    is where he met John Lee, President of JBL and Associates, who did the
    salary comparison studies in the last round of negotiations.  Dr.
    Lee has already been contacted about UHPA’s forthcoming negotiations
    and has been asked to update the national salary comparisons that were
    conducted prior to the last round of bargaining.
  • The
    Collective Bargaining Committee has been reviewing workload issues,
    salary minima and compression, faculty evaluation, intellectual
    property rights, and other contract language in preparation for the
    commencement of negotiations, perhaps as soon as the spring semester.  With
    respect to the community college workload issue, the strategic plan
    prepared by then Senior Vice President for Community Colleges Joyce
    Tsunoda called for a workload of 24 credit hours for community colleges
    the same as the BOR policy on Teaching Equivalencies of 24 credit hours
    for UH-Manoa, UH-Hilo, and UH-West Oahu.  The workload credit for community colleges negotiated by UHPA is at 27.  UHPA believes that no one at the UH System should earn less than $50,000.  As
    time gets closer to April 2008 and the Collective Bargaining Committee
    has reviewed all the surveys, more information will be disclosed.
  • Plans for the modifications of UHPA’s buildings are being finalized.  Instead of installing an elevator, it has been decided to install a lift and keep the stairs.  The lift is a cost savings of about $70,000.


Treasurer Ming-BaoYue reported that last month marked the end of the fiscal year.  To
date, there have been 85 UHPA members who have objected to having $5.00
per month from their statutory dues allocated to the UHPA Political
Action Fund for the fiscal year September 2007– August 2008.  Directors passed a motion to receive the financial report for the fiscal period ending August 31, 2007 and to refer that report to the Finance Committee.


President Chernisky reported that
the Executive Committee considered two action items, which were being
brought to the Board of Directors for confirmation.

  1. Directors passed with two abstentions a motion to be a Platinum Sponsor for the Aloha United Way’s 5th Annual Labor Charity Golf Tournament on Friday, November 2, 2007 at the Pearl Country Club.
  1. Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Karla Hayashi (UH-Hilo) as Chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee, Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa) as Chair of the Legislative/Political Action Committee, Duane Stevens (UH-Manoa) as Chair of the Finance Committee, Michael Mottl (UH-Manoa) as Chair of the Grievance Committee, Adrienne Valdez (UH-West Oahu) as Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Sally Pestana (Kapiolani CC) as Chair of the Personnel Committee, and Joshua Cooper (Maui CC) as Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Special Project.


The Executive Committee has had
ongoing discussions regarding the compliance of UHPA’s Constitution and
By-Laws with the state’s corporate laws.  Directors were informed that a draft proposal of a new Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws will be made available in November.  Once the Directors have reviewed and approved the proposed changes, they will be submitted to the UHPA membership for adoption.


UHPA has received a proposed
revision to Board of Regents Policy 9-1a (3) and (4) and a new proposed
Executive Policy E9.113 relating to Division/Department Chairs.  UHPA
has requested consultation with Linda Johnsrud, Vice President for
Academic Planning and Policy, and a meeting has been scheduled for
October 5.  The Vice President’s proposal can be found on the UHPA website, where members can make comments.


An inquiry was made as to whether or not UHPA had been consulted on the proposed reorganization of UH-Manoa.  The proposal was not shared with the faculty but it has been shared with the Deans.

Executive Director Musto assured the
other Directors that no change in the organizational structure of
UH-Manoa, or any other campus, can be approved without first presenting
the proposal to UHPA for formal consultation.  When the proposal is sent to UHPA, it will be made available to all faculty members for comment.


Chair Adrienne Valdez reported that
UH-Manoa Director Thomas Jackson has resigned from the UHPA Board of
Directors due to his heavy work schedule and commitments.  He
represented the constituency of UH-Manoa Arts and Humanities, the
Library and Information Science Program, Library Services, and Outreach
College.  Since the term for his Board position expires in 2009, a special election needs to be conducted.  Nominations
forms were mailed to members of that constituency on September 10 and
ballots are scheduled to be mailed out on October 15.

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Ka’iana Haile (Hawaii CC) as Faculty Representative for PAU 003, David Behlke (Kapiolani CC) as Faculty Representative for PAU 014, Roberta Martel (Leeward CC) as Faculty Representative for PAU 026, and James McFarland (Kauai CC) as Faculty Representative for PAU 020.  Faculty
Reps Haile, Behlke, and McFarland will serve two-year terms to May 31,
2009, while Representative Martel will serve a one-year term to May 31,
2008.  It should be noted that Kauai CC Director Rick
Randolph was the Faculty Representative for PAU 020 but resigned since
he now serves on the Board of Directors.

NE‘EPAPA I KE Ō MAU ‘Aha Pūnana Leo

Directors were asked to consider participating in a benefit dinner for ‘Aha Pūnana Leo honoring Ms. Abigail Kawananakoa.  Directors passed a motion to
approve the purchase of three Kūkulu seats for the benefit dinner on
Sunday, September 23, 2007 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, Coral
  Directors Ruth Horie, Brenda Cartwright and one more person will represent UHPA.


Vice President Adrienne Valdez
informed Directors that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union
(ILWU) will be having a community rally on Thursday, September 20, from
4:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Pacific Beach Hotel located at 2490 Kalakaua
Avenue, Honolulu.  Employees have been working almost two years without a contract and ten years without a raise.  The hotel was under a new management last year and is again with new management this year.  Pac Beach employees are being threatened with layoffs.  UHPA members are being asked to show support by walking with other unions in solidarity.

Local 5 of the Hotel Employees and
Restaurant Workers (HERE) are also having a march on the beachwalk on
Wednesday, September 19.  The Outrigger has invested
millions of dollars in the new, non-union Beachwalk development, but
the workers at the Ala Moana Hotel are going through the same problems
as their brothers and sisters at Pac Beach.  Management says there’s no money!  UHPA members, if you are able, please show your support.




August 2007 Board Notes


NEA Higher Education Director Sally
Pestana reported that the Emerging Leader Academy nominations will be
open at the end of November.  UH-Manoa Director Ruth Horie brought back some literature from the NEA Representative Assembly.



President Mary Tiles reported on the recent Board of Regents meeting.  Governor Lingle will be releasing the first quarter of the biennium budget this year, which may include restrictions.  UH
President McClain informed Regents that after his visits to mainland
institutions, he believes there is external pressure to have higher
education shift its focus to generate more degrees by at least 30% to
remain competitive with other countries.

President Tiles informed Directors that
during her term in office UHPA negotiated a six-year contract that
allowed the organization to avoid constant bargaining.  While this was controversial, a 32% total increase in salary was obtained.  She added that UHPA has made significant changes.  The
Akala Lane property across from UHPA has been acquired and
modifications, including a bridge and conference room between the two
structures, are being developed.  The Board of Directors
no longer meets at the Campus Center Executive Dining Room, and we no
longer need to rent facilities to hold meetings since the Akala
building has significant space.  UHPA is in good financial condition and there is no mortgage due.

In closing, she expressed her
appreciation to Directors for their service on the Board and spending
their Saturday mornings at UHPA.  She especially was grateful to members of the Executive Committee for their support and commitment.



Executive Director J. N. Musto reported on the following:

  • Directors
    passed a motion in June to have staff convey to the Chancellors the
    need to have DPCs and/or TPRCs trained on the tenure review process and
    that their decisions should be made independently from those made
    earlier.  UH-Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw has acknowledged her concurrence.
  •  An update was given on the Faculty Classification Plan Task Force meetings.  No agreement has been reached as revisions are being made.  The administration would like the Board of Regents to approve the Community Colleges Classification Plan proposal in September.
  • UHPA has received the 2007-2008 Community Colleges Promotion and Tenure Guidelines, and there are no significant changes.  Executive
    Director Musto will be meeting with Leeward CC faculty, the first group
    to discuss the promotion and tenure guidelines.
  • UHPA has applied for a Membership Project Grant with the National Education Association.  If approved, UHPA will pilot an electronic voting program.  An
    attitudinal survey will be conducted of the membership and different
    vendors will be looked at to see who has the program that best fits our
    needs.  This could resolve our absentee ballot problem of folks on leave at the time of voting.  There
    are many faculty members on ships, in foreign countries, or on the
    mainland and ballots cannot be returned by the deadline.  Executive Director Musto is confident UHPA’s grant request will be approved.
  • We
    have requested, through our UHPA website, faculty members to assist in
    an effort to gain credit for compensation paid for overload teaching
    summer session or extension programs, or from grants or special
    projects during their non-duty period, in the
    Employees’ Retirement System (ERS).  UHPA
    believes that those salary payments should be included in determining a
    faculty member’s “high three” salaries for the purpose of the
    retirement pension calculation.  We will need individual
    faculty members to represent our class action in petitioning the ERS to
    include these other sources of income in the ERS determination of
    defined pension benefits.
  •  An update was given on the six tenure denial cases appealed to Hearing Officers under Article XII of the 2003-2009 Agreement.  One case has been settled while Hearing Officers are being selected for the other cases.
  • Executive
    Director Musto attended the National Conference of State Legislators
    (NCSL) in Boston, which focused on higher education.  One of the keynote addresses included a four-member panel discussing the future and challenges of American higher education.  They
    included Hank Brown, President of the University of Colorado; Patrick
    Callan, President of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher
    Education; Phyllis Eisen, Senior Vice President at the National
    Association of Manufacturers; and Jim Hunt, former Governor of North
    Carolina.  They discussed accountability and how higher education is not preparing students for globalization in the 21st century.  Legislators
    were informed that they need to examine their higher education systems
    so that they can “set the mission for the state colleges and
    universities.”  Informational documents from the conference were shared with Directors.  Next
    year the NCSL will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from July 20-27,
    and the following year, the NCSL will hold its annual meeting in
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from July 20-25, 2009.
  • UH
    President David McClain and UHPA Executive Director Musto have
    informally discussed beginning the negotiations for the next faculty
    contract.  The current Agreement expires on June 30, 2009,
    but it will require approval of the State Legislature no later than May
    2009, so bargaining must conclude before the contract expires.  UHPA hopes that formal bargaining will begin in Spring 2008.
  • In closing, Dr. Musto had laudatory comments about Mary Tiles’ leadership, including the outstanding accomplishments during her presidency.  Of particular note was her leadership the development of the new UHPA
    website and her outstanding leadership of the Board of Directors during
    the difficult times of collective bargaining, ratification, and
    implementation of significant new contract language, including
    extraordinary salary provisions and the creation of job security for
    non-tenured faculty.



Treasurer Ming-BaoYue reported that UHPA has gone through eleven months of the fiscal year’s budget.  She reported the major expenditures for the last two months.  Directors passed a motion to
receive the financial reports for the fiscal periods ending June 30 and
July 31, 2007 and to refer those reports to the Finance Committee



  • Directors
    were informed that Executive Committee members continued the discussion
    concerning UHPA’s Constitution and By-Laws compliance with Hawaii’s
    corporate not-for-profit laws.  Directors passed a motion to table the discussion.  Staff will provide the Executive Committee with the faculty count on each campus.
  • Directors unanimously passed a motion to
    approve the electronic voting of Board of Directors and Faculty
    Representative elections as a pilot program contingent upon receiving
    the NEA membership grant
  • Directors met in Executive Session to consider a grievance case presented by staff.  They passed a motion to appeal the grievance case of a UH-Manoa faculty member to arbitration for violation of the disciplinary article.



Directors approved the motion to
purchase a Lehua table ($2,500) for the Hawaii Republican Party’s 2007
Governor Linda Lingle’s Ball scheduled for October 6, 2007 at the
Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel Coral Ballroom

Directors deferred taking action to
appoint a member to the Legislative Committee since the individual was
not yet an UHPA member.



President Tiles recognized and thanked outgoing Director L. Thomas Ramsey, who was appointed in January 2007 to fill the remaining UH-Manoa at-large position until August 31, 2007.  She also expressed her appreciation and aloha to Kauai Director James McFarland.  President Tiles announced that UH-Manoa Directors Amy Anderson and Jerome Comcowich
were not present; however, she wished to convey the Board’s
appreciation and to recognize their service on the Board of Directors.



 UHPA Board of Directors

Special UHPA Resolution

Recognition of Professor Mary E. Tiles



WHEREAS, Professor Mary E. Tiles
has been an outstanding President of the University of Hawai’i
Professional Assembly (UHPA) for five years, and has dutifully served
on the Board of Directors for eleven years;

WHEREAS, Professor Mary E. Tiles
has made significant contributions to UHPA’s sustained growth in the
areas of website development, contract negotiations, organizational
planning and improvement of our faculty support base;

WHEREAS, Professor Mary E. Tiles’
professional specialization in the Philosophy of Science and Technology
has led her, in particular, to champion and contribute to the
University’s sustainability plan;

WHEREAS, Professor Mary E. Tiles’
due diligence and dedication has been premised on doing that which is
right for the collective good;



the UHPA Board of Directors rise to the occasion to formally express
its sincere appreciation for Professor Mary E. Tiles’ leadership, her
professional contributions, and her dedicated service to the UHPA;

WE, FURTHER, WISH Professor Mary
E. Tiles continued success in her new initiatives on behalf of the
faculty and the University and in her distinguished academic career.


(MOTION unanimously approved by the Board of Directors on August 11, 2007)