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October 2007 Board Notes


NEA Higher Ed Director Sally
Pestana reported that Congress passed the NEA supported “College Cost
Reduction and Access Act (H.R. 2669).  This law provides for the biggest increase in student financial aid since the GI Bill!  The law will:

  • Increase the maximum Pell Grant award
  • Reduce interest rates on subsidized student loans by 50%
  • Create
    new tuition assistance grants (up to $4000 per year) for undergraduates
    who commit to teaching in public schools in high-poverty communities or
    high-need subject areas
  • Create an Asian American and Pacific Islander Higher Education Serving Institution designation


The Asian American and Pacific
Islander Higher Education Serving Institution designation will allow
increased access to federal grants and other benefits, similar to the
benefits the “historically black college” designation has provided.

NEA would like to update higher
education faculty that the Senate passed the Higher Education
Amendments of 2007 (S. 1642) to reauthorize the Higher Education Act.  NEA opposes the Senate inclusion of the so called “academic bill of rights”.  The ABOR would undermine academic freedom under the guise of protecting students against purported, unproven bias by faculty.  NEA
believes colleges and universities already have sufficient policies and
procedures in place to ensure the quality of education, while
guaranteeing the rights of students and faculty.

The House has not yet taken up the Higher Ed reauthorization.  However, the Education Committee Chair, Congressman Miller, supports the omission of the ABOR provision.



President Joseph Chernisky summarized the issues indicated in his written report.

As a follow up to last month’s report,
President Chernisky clarified the consultation versus the negotiations
process, and when it would be appropriate to have UHPA representation.

President Chernisky attended the UH-Manoa
Faculty Senate reception on September 18 that was hosted by Chancellor
Virginia Hinshaw.  He suggested that Directors work cooperatively with the Faculty Senate Chairs from their campus.  Board Directors were informed to check out the links on the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs’ (ACCFSC) website:

The UH Community College Faculty Classification Task Force met on September 26.  Members
of the Task Force are Chancellors Clyde Sakamoto (Maui CC) and Peggy
Cha (Kauai CC), Faculty Senate representatives Harry Davis (Kapiolani
CC) and Marcia Roberts-Deutsch (Honolulu CC), UHPA Executive Director
J. N. Musto, UHPA President Joseph Chernisky (Leeward CC), and
Community Colleges Director of Human Resources Sandra Uyeno.  Executive
Director Musto has continued to question the unnecessary distinction
between teaching and learning, the risks of outcome and performance
driven measures, which are included in the draft document.  UHPA and the faculty representatives on the Task Force have recommended changes and clarification in the language.  Executive
Director Musto suggested using the SurveyMonkey on UHPA’s website to
get feedback from Community College faculty members regarding the
proposed Classification Plan.

UHPA Executive Director J. N. Musto,
Collective Bargaining Committee Chair Karla Hayashi, and President
Chernisky consulted with Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda
Johnsrud and Director of Academic Planning and Policy Joanne Itano on
the proposed new Executive Policy E9.113 regarding the duties and
responsibilities, criteria, selection process, etc. of
Division/Department Chairs and the appointment of Program Directors and
Chairs of Academic Subdivisions.  Numerous concerns were
raised such as they are not supervisory or managerial staff but they
have “oversight,” there is expansion of duties, etc.

President Chernisky expressed his
appreciation to Professor Michael Cooney, Associate Executive Director
James Kardash, and Faculty Senate Panel members Harry Davis (Kapiolani
CC), Daniel Kruse (Maui CC), Linda Currivan (Leeward CC), David Chin
(UH-Manoa), and James Tiles (UH-Manoa) for putting together an
excellent Faculty Forum.  He thanked UHPA Vice President Adrienne Valdez for her initiative and follow through on the membership drive.  They plan to look at vacancies amongst the UHPA Faculty Representatives.

In closing, he reminded Directors that
there are 12 Board of Regents seats that need to be filled and the
committee will be looking at candidates beginning November 1.  Additional information can be found at



Executive Director J. N. Musto reported
that UHPA has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the
University of Hawaii at West Oahu to incorporate the Vice Chancellor
for Academic Affairs into their promotion and tenure review procedures.  UH-West
Oahu is in the process of developing division personnel procedures now
that the size of the institution’s programs has significantly grown.

Executive Director Musto has met with
UH-Hilo administrators and UHPA Faculty Representatives to discuss the
contract provisions governing tenure and promotion procedures.  UH-Hilo
departments with six or more full-time faculty members may choose to
have Departmental Personnel Committees, rather than utilize the
Division Personnel Committee structure.  However, the
contract does not refer to the number of tenured faculty members in a
department, where at UH-Manoa, if a department or program has fewer
than five tenured faculty members, the Dean may constitute a Faculty
Personnel Committee made up of UH-Manoa tenured faculty members from
the department and other related disciplines.

Kapiolani Community College has been the
source of multiple administrative policy initiatives that have a
significant, if not negative, impact on the faculty.  For
example, a new policy was proposed by the KCC administration that would
require 11-month Department Chairs to teach a class or two during the
summer as part of their “load” and without any additional compensation.  They
have also proposed to limit the number of summer session classes that
9-month faculty members could teach during the summer.  The
contract does not set any limit on a 9-month appointed faculty member’s
ability to teach, research, or conduct any other outside employment
during the off-duty period.

Executive Director Musto reported on the Board of Regents (BOR) meeting that was held in Hilo on September 27 and 28.  In
addition to the controversial approval of the Navy contract to form a
University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), the Regents approved the
2008 supplemental budget request and the UH’s legislative package.  Although
Chancellor Tseng was pressing hard to get funding for new UH-Hilo
soccer and softball fields, it was not listed as a tier one high
priority.  UH President David McClain pointed out that
UH-Manoa had made their Title IX women’s athletic requests as a top
priority, and the Regents only approved those listed in the first
grouping.  Regent Chair Kitty Lagareta informed the BOR
that she would not continue as the Chair of the Board of Regents;
therefore, an election for a new Chair was held.  At its
meeting the prior month, the Regents were unable to elect a new chair,
although Regent Andres Albano, Jr. was elected Vice Chair.  In
a historic display of openness, there was a contested election for the
Chair position, between Regents Ronald Migita and Allan Landon.  The first vote produced no result, but after a second ballot Allan Landon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Hawaii, was elected as the new chair of the UH Board of Regents.



Treasurer Ming-BaoYue reported that Comptroller Linda Sawai has been processing non-members’ dues rebate requests.  As of September 13, UHPA sent out 740 rebate packets to non-members and have received 35 requests.  The rebate request deadline is October 17.  Treasurer
Yue reported that as of October 4, UHPA has received 126 objections
from members to have $5.00 from their dues go toward the Political
Action Fund for this fiscal period.  Due to the schedule of the Board meeting, there was insufficient time to prepare the financial statements for last month.  Directors passed a motion to receive the Treasurer’s report and to refer it to the Finance Committee.



President Chernisky reported that
the Executive Committee, at its meeting on October 5, 2007, approved
the purchase of two laptop computers, one for the Executive Director
and the other for incoming Associate Executive Director Kristeen

New Directors were informed that
UHPA’s Constitution and By-Laws are being reviewed to ensure our
language is in compliance with Hawaii’s not-for-profit corporate laws.  Directors
were given copies of the proposed draft of UHPA’s Articles of
Incorporation and By-Laws and assigned to review the language
thoroughly.  Attorney Jeff Piper, who has been working with UHPA on this, will meet with Directors in November to answer any questions.  When the document is finalized, it will be shared with UHPA members, who will need to vote to approve the changes.



Vice President Adrienne Valdez, who
also chairs the Nominations and Elections Committee, informed Directors
about UHPA’s Membership Drive.  At the Faculty Forum,
Faculty Representatives were enlisted to make personal contacts with
non-members and new hires to request that they become members.

The Nominations and Elections Committee requested confirmation of new Faculty Representatives.  Directors passed a motion with one abstention to confirm the appointments of Marcia Roberts-Deutsch (Honolulu CC) for PAU 007, Mimi Yen (Kapiolani CC) for PAU 012, Scott Robertson (UH-Manoa) for PAU 060, and James Cartwright (UH-Manoa) for PAU 116 effective immediately.  Terms
for Faculty Reps Mimi Yen and James Cartwright will expire on May 31,
2008, and terms for Faculty Reps Marcia Roberts-Deutsch and Scott
Robertson will expire on May 31, 2009.



Directors passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), James De Ste Croix (Leeward CC), Earl Hishinuma (UH-Manoa), Richard Morris (UH-Hilo), Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa), Derek Oshiro (Honolulu CC), Mark Rognstad (UH-Manoa), Sharon Rowe (Kapiolani CC), Alan Teramura (UH-Manoa), and Glenn Teves (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC).

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Belinda Aquino (UH-Manoa), Brenda Cartwright (UH-Manoa), James Cartwright (UH-Manoa), Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), Malia Manol (UH-Manoa), James McFarland (Kauai CC), Barry Nakamura (Leeward CC), Suzanna Reiss (UH-Manoa), Nandita Sharma (UH-Manoa), and Elizabeth Tam (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Legislative and Political Action Committees.

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Amy Anderson (UH-Manoa), Margaret Bruck (Maui CC), Ruth Horie (UH-Manoa), Peter Rappa (UH-Manoa), Jonathan Schwartz (UH-West Oahu), and Jeffrey Zuckernick (Kapiolani CC) as members of the UHPA Nominations and Elections Committee.

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Roy Fujimoto (Windward CC), Thomas Jackson (UH-Manoa), and Ming-Bao Yue (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Ad Hoc Committee on Special Projects.

Terms on the above committees take effect immediately and will expire on August 31, 2008.



Directors were informed that former
Director Jerome Comcowich’s written report on his attendance at the NEA
Representative Assembly (RA) was included with their Board material.  His report can be viewed at  In quoting Director Comcowich, President Chernisky encouraged Directors to attend and participate in future RA’s.