Governor Ige has nominated Dr. J N Musto for State Senate confirmation to the Hawaii Labor Relations Board.

Dr. Musto was our executive director for over 30 years and UHPA strongly feels his appointment to this board would be of great benefit to all Hawaii workers.

It is always good in these matters to show as much support as possible and we are asking all interested UHPA members to testify in support of his appointment. You can quickly and easily do so online with something as simple as filling out a short form or you can upload a longer document if you wish.

Simply state in your own words why you believe Dr. Musto should be appointed.

Here is our testimony in favor of J N Musto’s appointment.  For reference, you can view the notice of hearing that will be held by the Committee on Judiciary and Labor on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 9:30am. You do not need to be present to testify.

How to testify – no later than 4/17/2016 9:30am.

Click this link that will take you to the status page for Governor’s Message 855, then click on the “Submit Testimony” button and follow the instructions. Please submit testimony BEFORE Sunday 4/17 9:30am.

You’ll have to sign in to easily testify online and if you haven’t done so previously the registration is free and extremely simple.

Mahalo for your support!

Kristeen Hanselman
Executive Director