UHPA Resolution Regarding Occupy Wall Street

Higher education empowers all Hawaii residents and serves as the means to advance a just, equal, and fair society. The University of Hawaii Professional Assembly has been at the forefront of advocating for the right of all to an affordable, accessible quality higher education, whether it results in a certificate from a community college or a degree from one of the many University of Hawaii campuses. UHPA is committed to ensuring Hawaii students reach their full potential, with higher education serving as their path to a better life.

Whether teaching in the classroom, conducting research, or providing other essential services at the University, every day UHPA members’ work contributes to the efforts to achieve a just and fair society and promote democratic practices.

UHPA faculty members stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the actions throughout the country that promote economic, social and political justice. We recognize that a large majority of those across our country are outraged by the extreme income disparities in our society that have been caused by failed fiscal, tax and regulatory policies. We can no longer grant special favors or tax breaks to high income individuals and corporations while higher education is underfunded and dismissed as insignificant.

As employees, we decry the massive efforts to silence the voice of labor, demean and devalue the contributions of working men and women to a civil society, and blame organized labor for the economic woes of the country. These divisive efforts are misguided and must stop. 

UHPA believes it is important for Occupy Wall Street to succeed as a vehicle to change the political and economic forces that are destroying the American dream and tearing our nation apart. It is time to stand up and advance the cause of equity and fairness.

Adopted by the UHPA Board of Directors, October 22, 2011