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It’s Not Too Late To Be A Permanent Absentee Voter for the Primary Election

Be a Permanent Absentee Voter

This year, there are many important elections whose outcomes can affect faculty and the rest of our state. If you have already registered, consider signing up as a permanent absentee voter.  It’s a convenient way to vote by mail, especially for faculty who may be too busy to get to the polls. 

When you sign up to be a permanent absentee voter, you’ll receive your ballot in the mail for this and future elections. You should expect to receive your absentee ballot in the mail after the August 4, 2012 submission deadline.
Absentee ballots are ideal if you’re out of town and can’t vote on Election Day.  Click here to download a permanent absentee ballot application.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Here are important dates relating to the upcoming elections:

August 4, 2012:       Deadline to submit absentee ballot application for Primary Election
August 11, 2012:     Primary Election
October 8, 2012:     Deadline to register to vote in General Election (if you did not register for Primary Election)
October 30, 2012:   Deadline to submit absentee ballot application for General Election
November 6, 2012: General Election

Early Walk-In Voting

If you miss the deadlines to submit an application for absentee voting, consider early walk-in voting. Absentee walk-in polling places are located at the Offices of the City or County Clerk where you reside. For additional locations and hours of operations, call your City/County Clerk where you reside.

July 30 – August 9, 2012:   Early walk-in voting for the Primary Election
Oct 23 – Nov 3, 2012:        Early walk-in voting for the General Election