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UHPA Testimony on Workload and Faculty Review

On behalf of UHPA, Executive Director J. N. Musto testified before the Board of Regents Committee on Personnel Affairs as it continued to consider changes in policies pertaining to workload and the periodic review of faculty. Testimony by UHPA ED Musto highlights the negotiating history and the continued obligation of the Board of Regents to negotiate with UHPA over the impact of such policies might have on faculty employment.  In his testimony to the regents, Dr. Musto emphasized that the first priority of any university is not just instruction, but rather “the retention, transmission and development of new knowledge” of which instruction, research, academic governance, student services, and service to the community at large are all a part.  He repeated UHPA’s commitment to work with the UH administration on all the campuses to see that teaching equivalencies for instructional faculty, development of departmental expectations and the continued implementation of the procedures governing 5-year faculty reviews continue all on the basis of the original agreements that were reached by the parties in 1986.  Dr. Musto concluded his remarks by pointing out that there should be a uniform system by which all faculty members are able to express to the students and the public the spectrum of work that they are engaged in as a part of this academic community; teaching research and service.