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Senator Brian Schatz Needs Your Help Today on an Urgent Issue Regarding our Students

Please demonstrate your support for the Campus Accountability and Safety Act today!

Learning institutions are failing to acknowledge a sexual assault epidemic that is victimizing our students.  This is simply unacceptable: 41 percent of recently surveyed colleges and universities had not conducted a single investigation of sexual violence on their campus in the past FIVE years.  We can end sexual assault on campus.  The bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act will help protect students from predators and hold institutions accountable for mishandling and under reporting cases of sexual assault – but Senator Schatz needs your help to make this crucial bill a top priority.  He is fully committed to the safety of our students, and ensuring that survivors of sexual assault on campus have the proper support they need.  We cannot fail our future leaders.  We want to gather as many names as possible to make clear that the public demands action on this critical issue.

Join him today and thousands of others to tell Congress — Pass the Campus Accountability and Safety Act to protect our students.

Mahalo for your support!