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Tenure Is Under Attack Again

Just a few short months ago, UH faculty and UH administrators joined forces to express their indignation with the findings and recommendations that were presented by the Tenure Permitted Action Group commissioned by the UH Board of Regents. At the October 21st BOR meeting, the Regents heard impassioned testimonies, one after another, from more than 30 faculty members, each reiterating the concerns in the more than 600 pages of submitted testimony.

No Agreement Over Tenure PIG Recommendations

The forewarning from both faculty and administrators was clear: the Tenure PIG’s recommendations were professionally insulting and would destroy the quality of Hawaii’s public higher education system. It was a fervent show of force with compelling pleas to leave the academic system alone. Some faculty members also pointed out that the Tenure PIG had strayed from its intended purpose and did not include faculty input. 

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

Just when we all thought logic would prevail, we see that the Tenure PIG document has reared its ugly head and found its way into a new legislative bill. It is prominently referenced in the preamble of SB 3269. (Kudos to our senators for recycling trash.) So here we go again.

A Dangerous and Unconstitutional Bill

The bill stealthily: 1) rationalizes legislative micromanagement by claiming it is in the interest of the state for legislators to get involved with tenure since it requires a long-term commitment of public funds; 2) attenuates and relinquishes the BOR constitutional rights under Article X, Section 6. of the State’s Constitution; and 3) attempts to circumvent and violate Faculty members’ constitutional collective bargaining rights under Article XIII, Section 2. of the State’s Constitution. 

Call To Action

In last October’ BOR meeting, faculty successfully stopped the recommendations of the Tenure PIG from being implemented. It was a huge victory. We are calling upon all faculty members for an encore performance on a bigger stage with the legislature. This is an opportunity to educate legislators on what makes and what it takes to create a distinguished, recognized, and reputable university and voice your concerns over inappropriate legislative meddling and interference.

Send Your Message Loud and Clear

SB 3269 was introduced yesterday. Your intervention is needed now before this gets any further. Please contact the introducers of this bill and share your perspectives.  Faculty members have made a difference before at the BOR meeting. We can make a difference again in the legislature. Gloves off!

SB 3269 Introducers:

Sen. Donna Mercado Kim

Phone: (808) 587-7200


Sen. Kurt Fevella

Phone: (808) 586-6360


Sen. Les Ihara, Jr.

Phone: (808) 586-6250


Sen. Gil Riviere

Phone: (808) 586-7330


Sen. Glenn Wakai

Phone: (808) 586-8585