Troubleshooting access to member-only content areas

Contact our office at any time (phone number in upper-right corner or send to should you need further assistance.

If you haven’t already done so, the first step in troubleshooting is to follow each of the 3 steps to access Member content and then come back here if that process fails to display the “Welcome” document.

Common problems and their solutions

If you get a screen like the one below that says “You need permission”, take note of the email address shown at “You are signed in as “.  That the Google account you are currently logged in as and it must match the email address currently on file with UHPA.

  • If the address “You are signed in as “ DOES NOT match your email address currently on file with UHPA, you are not logged in correctly. Follow Step 3 to correct the situation and try again.
  • If the address “You are signed in as ” DOES MATCH your email address currently on file with UHPA, please click on this link to send UHPA an email about this issue so that we can correct the problem in our end.