The Moment Has Arrived

Today at 3pm, the Committee on Higher Education will be holding a public hearing and broadcasting it live via YouTube

Democracy Belongs to Those That Show Up

One silver lining of COVID restrictions is that we can now all attend public hearings remotely.   Use this opportunity to virtually show up.  Go to this YouTube link at 3pm today and let it play on your desktop or mobile device. 

Let’s Break Youtube Viewing Records

A quick glance of the Senate’s YouTube channel shows previous hearings with a few hundred views at most.  UHPA members are in the thousands.  Let’s all “show up” as a sign of solidarity for the future of higher education in Hawai‘i and blow out the views.  

Share your commentary via Facebook

We created this post which also links to the hearing video.  If you are watching the hearing (either live or after the fact) and come across something notable (good, bad, ugly, or otherwise) please post your commentary on this Facebook Post.  For extra points, add the time stamp on the video at your notable moment so that others can go to that point in the hearing and see what you saw. 

All Your Hard Work Is Now

We’ve had countless, non-stop emails and messages from you that see the danger being posed. You’ve worked hard to write and submit your testimony. Attending live and watching this drama unfold is our next step. Join us! 

ICYMI – get caught up

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