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Immediate Legislative Action Needed by Friday Noon!

Governor Lingle announced she is vetoing tax increases contained within the budget passed by the Legislature. The budget does not include the $278 million demanded by the Governor for employee compensation cuts.

The budget does contain a reduction in funds for the University of Hawaii which will become worse if the tax increases are not implemented. An override of the Governor’s veto is needed to maintain the balanced budget passed by the Legislature.

It is critical that legislators hear that faculty support an override of the Governor’s vetoes. Legislators need to hear from faculty by noon on Friday May 8 which is the last day of the legislative session.

Please call or email legislators and send them a message that faculty support an override of any vetoes by Governor Lingle.  Of most concern is the Senate where there are some undecided legislators.

A sample message might include:

Dear Senator,

I support an override of Governor Lingle’s vetoes.  As a UH faculty member, I am committed to providing a quality education and know that increased tax revenues are needed to ensure students are not shortchanged.

Please support higher education and override the vetoes.

There will be significant email traffic received by legislators, so ensure they get your message by placing on the subject line, “I support the override of vetoes”

As always send a copy to UHPA at

Contact information: