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Critical Hearing to Eliminate Tenure


In a joint hearing at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 1, in Conference Room 309 at the State Capitol, members of the House Committee on Education and the Committee on Labor and Public Employment will be considering H.B. 1668 that proposes to eliminate tenure for Bargaining Units 5 and 6.  Tenure protects academic freedom for public K-12 teachers and post-secondary educators.  Although this bill applies to DOE teachers and principals, the idea that the Legislature would eliminate tenure is a “threat to the very core principle” of the University.   Click on HB 1668 to view bill. 

It is critical that you send testimony opposing H.B. 1668.  You may do this online by going to: and note “Submit Testimony” in the box located at the top right side of the page.  Your testimony does not need to be long.  What is counted are the number of discrete submissions. 

If you wish to contact members of the committees personally, their emails are noted below: 

House Committee on Education

Roy Takumi, Chair,

Della Au Belatti, Vice Chair,

Henry Aquino,

Karen Awana,

Jerry Chang,

Faye Hanohanao,

John Mizuno,

Mark Nakashima,

Scott Nishimoto,

Tom Okamura,

Scott Saiki,

Mark Takai,

Jessica Wooley,

George Fontaine,  (R)

Aaron Johanson,  (R) 

House Committee on Labor & Public Employment

Karl Rhoads, Chair,

Kyle Yamashita, Vice Chair,

Henry Aquino, (also on Education)

Ty Cullen,

Linda Ichiyama,

Marilyn Lee,

Sylvia Luke,

Tom Okamura, (also on Education)

Scott Saiki, (also on Education)

Joseph Souki,

Roy Takumi,

George Fontaine,  (R) (also on Education)

Aaron Johanson, (R) (also on Education)