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Got ERS Trustee Ballot?

Ballots for the next ERS Trustee election are being mailed out. On Friday Sept 3, the Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA) made the following endorsement for Lynne Wilkens:

Lynne wants to protect the hard-earned benefits of Hawaii’s public-sector employees!

HGEA endorses Lynne Wilkens for the Educator Seat on the State of Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System Board of Trustees. For more than 30 years, Lynne has worked at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center and is currently the Associate Director of Shared Resources. She has served on the board of the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly as a member of the negotiating team as well as treasurer and president.

Lynne is looking forward to using her experiences to have a greater impact for Hawaii’s working families. “Having an advocate who can work collaboratively with the other Trustees and respectfully influence decision-making is critical at a time when there are attempts to erode benefits for active employees and retirees … members need to know there is someone on the ERS Board of Trustees who has their back and is not afraid to call out unfairness and foul play.”

Excerpt from HGEA email sent to its members on 9/3/21

UHPA member Lynne Wikens has the full support and endorsement of UHPA, the Hawaii Fire Fighters Association.

We urge you to check your mailbox and cast your vote for Lynne, a Trustee who will be committed to representing the retirement needs of Hawaii’s public sector employees.