UHPA Endorses Heather Kimball, Senate District 4

UHPA was pleased to learn that Heather was a former faculty at the University of California and belonged to UPTE-CMA local 9119.  Heather has a strong higher education background.  Heather understands the issue before UHPA with retention and recruitment, research grants, facilities, and the every pending Janus case.  Heather has been serving her community in a variety of areas, as a business woman working in energy conservation, as a paddling coach to her membership in the American Meteorological Society.  These skills will serve UHPA and Senate District 4 well, we are pleased to endorse Heather.

UHPA Endorses Kalani English, Senate District 7

UHPA is excited to support Senator Kalani English who currently represents Senate District 7.  Senator English served as Vice Chair of the Labor Committee and was extremely helpful to UHPA during the session.  He personally met with the UHPA legislative team along with Senate leadership to discuss the passage of labor bills introduced by UHPA.  He has demonstrated a strong understanding of Chapter 89, the HLRB and the issues facing public unions due to the Janus case before the US Supreme Court.  UHPA believes Senator English will serve the faculty well.

UHPA Endorses Alicia Maluafiti, Senate District 19

UHPA is pleased to endorse Alicia Maluafiti for Senate District 19.  Alicia holds an MA degree in Communications from Hawai‘i Pacific University, where she was a former faculty member, teaching undergraduate courses in communications.  Her experience in community and government relations work spans close to three decades, providing nonprofit organizations, associations, businesses, government entities, and unions with strategic support in communications, public affairs, outreach and education, not to mention grassroots organizing. She was able to discuss goals and objectives that faculty have in a complex and comprehensive manner.  Her understanding of legislative process, Chapter 89, labor concerns, HLRB and the impact of Janus made her the ideal candidate for UHPA.  Alicia has a passion for animals and is currently the President and Founder of Poi Dogs and Popoki, and The Big Fix, operating two mobile clinics that offer low cost spay and neuter services, along with health and wellness services.  Her passion and work in helping to control feral and stray animal populations led to an appointment (and reappointment) to the Board of Veterinary Examiners as a community advocate. Alicia has been an active member of the Ewa and Leeward Communities, and understands how to work collaboratively to accomplish goals.  Her background in working with a variety of constituencies will serve UHPA and the community in Senate District 19 well. 

UHPA Endorses Jarrett Keohokalole, Senate District 24

UHPA believes Jarrett will be a strong Senator for UHPA, advocating on behalf of faculty.  Jarrett has demonstrated his knowledge of our issues as a member of the House of Representatives, representing House District 48.  Jarrett is a graduate of the UH William S. Richardson School of Law and focused his work on invasive species policy for DLNR.  He fully understands the need for grants to further the important work that UH provides Hawai‘i as well as obtaining and retaining the best and brightest faculty.  UHPA is pleased to endorse Jarrett Keohokalole for Senate District 24.