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Let’s Prepare For The Coming Battles

Our higher education colleagues across the nation are being put through the wringer, and it has not been easy to stomach. There is a haunting feeling that the University of Hawai‘i faculty will one day find themselves immersed and directly facing these same types of situations. Faculty Increasingly Affected by Labor Disputes Labor disputes are on the rise at universities across our nation over concerns about inflation, working conditions, academic freedom, and other governance issues. Many of these battles have intensified to [...]

2023-11-08T10:54:28-10:00October 27, 2023|Affiliation, Frontpage, Newsletter, Opinion, UHPA Organizational|

Together, Let’s Hold Lawmakers Accountable

When it Comes to the Health of Hawaii’s People, We Must Be Prepared to Hold our State Lawmakers Accountable Hawai‘i has recently been named the fourth healthiest state in the nation in United Health Foundation’s “America’s Health Rankings.” All of us in Hawai‘i should be proud of this recognition; however, we know these rankings do not tell the whole story of the overall health condition of Hawai‘i’s people. There is growing acknowledgment that there is a need to disaggregate data to gain [...]

2023-02-13T10:15:28-10:00February 13, 2023|Legislative News, Newsletter, Opinion|

UH Faculty are Crucial to Biosecurity

The article below was submitted and published by Civil Beat on 2/2/23, "Combating Invasive Species A Priority For UH Faculty" The decisions made within the walls of the State Capitol have far-reaching implications for UH faculty and affect everyone and everything in Hawai‘i, now and for future generations. Throughout this legislative session, UHPA will explain how proposed legislation affects our quality of life and why it is imperative for UH faculty and community members to stand together and advocate for our island [...]

2023-02-02T09:58:55-10:00February 2, 2023|Frontpage, HeroProf, Newsletter, Opinion|

Recent Supreme Court Rulings: Hard-Hitting Reminders to Vote

The recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings regarding women’s reproductive rights and gun control have stirred a range of emotions across the nation. In a historic and unprecedented decision Roe v. Wade has now been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court and a woman’s right to seek an abortion is no longer a federal constitutional right. Who would have thought a constitutional right that has existed for women the past 50 years would be immediately swept away? Nothing is Sacrosanct The overturning of [...]

2022-06-24T21:06:39-10:00June 24, 2022|AM Newsflash, Frontpage, Newsletter, Opinion, Political|

Senators Working Hard To Undo The Success We’ve Achieved

Autonomy Revisited:Today’s Senate Has Strayed Off the Path Established 30 Years Ago As Hawaii’s legislative session reaches the halfway mark and bills cross over between the House and Senate, it’s a good time to reflect on what has been transpiring to date. In the heat of the day-to-day, rough-and-tumble battles that occur with the various legislative committees, we often do not have the luxury to take a deeper, historical look at how the decisions and actions of certain legislators have deviated from [...]

2022-03-11T16:47:23-10:00March 11, 2022|Evening Newsflash, Newsletter, Opinion|

UHPA responds to Gov. Ige calling off furloughs

Editor's note: The following statement was issued to KITV in response to Gov. David Ige’s announcement that he was calling off state furloughs and layoffs after President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion COVI-19 relief bill: "The University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly acknowledges Governor Ige's press release and decision to call-off layoffs and furloughs for the foreseeable future due to the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. With that major distraction and focal point of anxiety and confusion behind us, UHPA looks forward to [...]

2021-03-12T10:25:49-10:00March 15, 2021|Frontpage, Monday Report, Opinion, Political|

Will Self-Insurance Save EUTF millions?

The below letter was sent to the Editors of the Star Advertiser and publishes some financial facts in response to various voices claiming substantial EUTF liability savings if a "self-insurance" model is adopted. UHPA Executive Director Christian Fern serves as secretary-treasurer of the EUTF board of trustees. February 18, 2021 Honolulu Star-Advertiser To the editor: The SARS-CoV-2 virus has brought the world to its knees, sickening and killing millions.  Not in a generation has the importance of health and sustainability been so [...]

2021-02-26T11:28:15-10:00March 1, 2021|Commentary, ERS/EUTF, Frontpage, Monday Report, Opinion|

How We Navigate Our Future at UH

The Power of Collaboration: The Key to Navigating the University of Hawai‘i’s FutureBy Christian Fern, Karla Hayashi and David Duffy The pandemic, even with all of its devastating effects, has brought out the best in some organizations and its employees. Pivoting has become the watch word throughout the pandemic. We have seen a number of organizations successfully adapt to new constraints. Organizations that are flexible and innovative have welcomed change instead of wallowing in despair. Many of these entities have rapidly evolved [...]

2021-02-09T09:03:39-10:00February 8, 2021|Academic, Commentary, Frontpage, Monday Report, Opinion|

Are you being counted in the 2020 Census?

It's critical that we are all counted in the 2020 Census and right now it's not looking very good for Hawaii - please see Congressman Ed Case's letter received by UHPA below.  He has an important message and we’re encouraging all UHPA members to take the right action to make sure your household is counted in the 2020 Census.  Hawaii's fair representation is depending on you! I am reaching out to you, as a leader of Hawaii's labor community, to ask for [...]

2020-09-02T11:35:01-10:00September 2, 2020|Commentary, Frontpage, Newsletter, Opinion, Political|

Your voice made the difference at Thurday’s BOR meeting

Our Collaborative Effort Made a Difference: BOR Votes to Defer Premature Resolution At yesterday’s July 16th  Board of Regents meeting, UHPA and UH faculty successfully sent a strong message to Regent Chair Benjamin Kudo that struck a chord with the Regents.   Through the collaborative efforts of UHPA, HGEA, Academic Labor United, and UH faculty and students, we made Chair Kudo stop in his tracks. We collectively presented a strong, unified voice to defend the University and forestall a requirement by the UH [...]