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UHPA Faculty Serves Hawai’i’s Communities Through Suicide Prevention

Submitted Nomination of UHPA Faculty Demonstrating our Principles in Action:   Nominee nameDeborah A. Goebert and Jeanelle J. Sugimoto-MatsudaNominee Campus, DeptManoa, Dept of Psychiatry & Office of Public Health StudiesWhich of the principles does your submission best demonstrate?Serving the CommunityWhy is this faculty member worthy of your nomination?Dr. Deborah Goebert and Dr. Jeanelle Sugimoto-Matsuda have provided critically important community service in the areas of suicide prevention and mental health. Dr. Goebert is a Professor, Associate Director of Research, and Director of Resident [...]

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UHPA publishes Faculty Statement of Principles

What is it we stand for?   What principles guide our profession? What will we fight for? Where is our philosophical line in the sand which will not be crossed? In discussing these questions, the UHPA Outreach Committee began a months-long process to develop this first release of UHPA Faculty Statement of Principles, based on four key commitments: Academic ExcellenceSuccess of Our StudentsServing the CommunitySupporting the Local Economy The UHPA Faculty Statement of Principles was developed in a collaborative effort including the UHPA [...]

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