Meet your newest Board of Directors

UHPA Welcomes New Board of Directors

Elections of the New UHPA Board of Directors were announced at the UHPA Annual Membership Meeting held on Zoom, Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:30 AM.

UH Manoa Welcomes:

  • Vaness Chong
  • Reza Ghorbani
  • Frankie Hale
  • Vicki Szymczak

Leeward Community College Welcomes:

  • Michael Oishi

Maui College Welcomes:

  • Nani Azman

Re-elected to the UHPA Board of Directors were also announced:

  • UH Manoa – David Duffy
  • UH West Oahu – Alphie Garcia
  • Kapiolani Community College – Susan Jaworowski

Please take a moment and get to know your representative on the UHPA Board of Directors

UHPA publishes Faculty Statement of Principles

What is it we stand for?  

What principles guide our profession? What will we fight for? Where is our philosophical line in the sand which will not be crossed?

In discussing these questions, the UHPA Outreach Committee began a months-long process to develop this first release of UHPA Faculty Statement of Principles, based on four key commitments:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Success of Our Students
  • Serving the Community
  • Supporting the Local Economy

The UHPA Faculty Statement of Principles was developed in a collaborative effort including the UHPA Board of Directors, the UHPA Faculty Representatives, and our professional staff

Nominate your colleagues (or yourself) that exemplify community service

We all know that UHPA members make innumerable contributions to the community and one of our goals is to make sure the general public sees this as well.  Do you have good examples of how UHPA faculty have positively impacted the community (e.g. vaccination help, coastal preservation work, Economic forecast by the UHARI etc) ?  Tell us about it via this nomination form. We plan on regularly publishing those nominations and highlighting the standout examples. 

Feedback, please

We envision this first release to be just that: the first of many revisions based on continued input and feedback from a wider audience of UHPA members.  We invite all UHPA members to give us feedback and suggestions via this quick online form and look forward to the responses.

Approved! Faculty Ratify the Tentative Agreement

The University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) faculty overwhelmingly voted in favor of ratifying a successor contract that will keep salaries and healthcare premium contributions level over the next two years.

The numbers

Out of a total of 1,273 votes that were cast, 1,216 votes approved the provisions in the tentative agreement, which represents 95.5% of the votes. The final votes from faculty members were submitted and tallied today at 5 pm.

We took on unprecedented challenges

At any other time, a contract that offers no increase to account for inflation would have met with resistance and be outright rejected. However, our faculty, who have been on the frontlines of the pandemic since last year, know these are extraordinary and unprecedented times.Based on the voting results and feedback from many of you, it is clear faculty understand the challenges facing our state and have expressed appreciation for the stability this successor contract offers.

But that didn’t stop us

Without a doubt, the pandemic created a very challenging year. Faculty across all the 10 campuses rapidly mobilized and reinvented the way higher education is delivered, shifting from classroom instruction to an online learning environment in one week. As a result, the University of Hawai‘i proudly awarded nearly 10,850 degrees and certificates to deserving students last year.And we discovered a new way to get things done

This accomplishment was no easy feat.

It required being flexible, adaptable, and a commitment to work closely with the UH administration. If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it was that we re-discovered how joint-decision making enabled us to effectively move forward together. This model of collaboration, engagement, and dialogue served as the foundation for our contract negotiations. Instead of contentious debate, we focused on finding solutions to maintain faculty retention and ensured the ongoing quality of instruction and research at the University of Hawai‘i.

But not without stress and drama

Unfortunately, in the midst of the pandemic, there were days and weeks punctuated with stress and anxiety over proposed pay cuts and mandated furloughs. Faculty longed for more straightforward communication based on mutual respect, but often learned the potential status of their jobs during news conferences at the same time as everyone else. It was unsettling to watch events unfold to balance the state’s budget without knowing all of the details.

We’re confident about facing tomorrow’s challenges

All of that seems like a distant memory.  Nevertheless, we have emerged wiser and more prepared for the future together in solidarity. The contract we have today is a vote of confidence that faculty will play a critical role in the state’s economic recovery and that University of Hawai‘i continues to be a major economic engine for the state.


Let’s move forward as we continue to uphold our commitment to teaching, research and community service — all of the pillars that make the University of Hawai‘i a great institution of higher learning.

Annual Meeting via Zoom webinar this Friday

UHPA’s 47th Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom webinar this Friday, April 23 and we look forward to engaging with you. 

The meeting starts promptly at 11:30 a.m. and you can start joining the Webinar at 11:20 a.m.  

For those that have already registered, you should have received a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Invitations were sent to all UHPA members via email and if you didn’t receive your invitation please contact Kathy Yamashita.

Nominations launching soon – stay tuned!

You’re here a little early – we’re launching this soon and will announce it in an upcoming Monday Report.

Your concerns addressed at campus meetings

This week continues our campus meeting schedule (see below for details) and it’s the perfect chance for you to interact with UHPA Professional staff in a live Zoom environment. 

Our campus meeting agenda includes:

Each campus brings unique concerns and this is your chance to have yours addressed.

Have you registered for your campus meeting this week?

All UHPA members have been invited via email and if you did not receive yours, please email Kathy Yamashita directly. 

This week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday (4/13/21):
    • Kauai CC (Noon)
    • Kapiolani CC (3:00 p.m.)
  • Friday (4/16/21):
    • UH Manoa (Noon) – please note UHM attendees must register via the Zoom webinar link provided in the email.

Did you miss your campus meeting?

Depending on the response, we may make recordings available for those that could not attend.  Send an email to Kathy Yamashita and let her know of your interest and make sure to include your campus.

Last week (of 4/5/21) we visited:

  • Honolulu CC
  • Leeward CC
  • UH Maui College
  • UH Hilo
  • UH West Oahu
  • Windward CC
  • Hawaii CC

Mahalo for your great questions on important issues.

Every campus we visited last week provided great questions that surfaced important issues. We’re looking forward to the discussions this week and hope those at Kauai CC, Kapiolani CC & UH Manoa will join us!

Representing Your Interests at the Legislature

UHPA Legislative Update as of 4/5/2021

Monday, April 5, 2021, will be day 42 of the legislative session and next Thursday, April 15, 2021 is the 48th day and second cross-over.  On that day, there will be only seven (7) legislative session days left until Sine Die on April 29, 2021.

UHPA has been working with legislators and lobbying on behalf of its membership in the new virtual world and environment as it has since last session when in March the State Capital was shut down to the public.  While it has been a challenge for everyone to adjust and pivot in the new normal, the challenges and constant attacks on Faculty at the legislature goes on unaffected and unaltered by the effects of COVID-19.

To date, UHPA has been successful in working with legislators and testifying on bills and resolutions that have negative impact and harmful consequences on Faculty and the institution they serve.  The following are a list of bills and resolutions that UHPA has been successful in challenging and/or changing:

Nevertheless, there are still bills and resolutions alive in the Legislature that UHPA is working hard to either change, modify, or defer in its current form as it will have negative impact and harmful consequences on our Faculty if enacted.  The following is a list of bills and a resolution that UHPA is actively working on with the Legislature:

While these bills and this resolution may not apply or impact your position, department, college, or unit, don’t ever think that it may not change tomorrow or in the near future.  That is why UHPA’s Endorsement Committee vigilantly vets and interviews all candidates who request political endorsements, because we need to make sure that we can count on these elected officials to listen, recognize, acknowledge, and respect the voice of the Faculty before enacting legislation. 

For a list of all the bills that UHPA is tracking, visit our bill tracking page along with other related resources located at our Legislative Action Center.