Nominations launching soon – stay tuned!

You’re here a little early – we’re launching this soon and will announce it in an upcoming Monday Report.

Your concerns addressed at campus meetings

This week continues our campus meeting schedule (see below for details) and it’s the perfect chance for you to interact with UHPA Professional staff in a live Zoom environment. 

Our campus meeting agenda includes:

Each campus brings unique concerns and this is your chance to have yours addressed.

Have you registered for your campus meeting this week?

All UHPA members have been invited via email and if you did not receive yours, please email Kathy Yamashita directly. 

This week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday (4/13/21):
    • Kauai CC (Noon)
    • Kapiolani CC (3:00 p.m.)
  • Friday (4/16/21):
    • UH Manoa (Noon) – please note UHM attendees must register via the Zoom webinar link provided in the email.

Did you miss your campus meeting?

Depending on the response, we may make recordings available for those that could not attend.  Send an email to Kathy Yamashita and let her know of your interest and make sure to include your campus.

Last week (of 4/5/21) we visited:

  • Honolulu CC
  • Leeward CC
  • UH Maui College
  • UH Hilo
  • UH West Oahu
  • Windward CC
  • Hawaii CC

Mahalo for your great questions on important issues.

Every campus we visited last week provided great questions that surfaced important issues. We’re looking forward to the discussions this week and hope those at Kauai CC, Kapiolani CC & UH Manoa will join us!

Representing Your Interests at the Legislature

UHPA Legislative Update as of 4/5/2021

Monday, April 5, 2021, will be day 42 of the legislative session and next Thursday, April 15, 2021 is the 48th day and second cross-over.  On that day, there will be only seven (7) legislative session days left until Sine Die on April 29, 2021.

UHPA has been working with legislators and lobbying on behalf of its membership in the new virtual world and environment as it has since last session when in March the State Capital was shut down to the public.  While it has been a challenge for everyone to adjust and pivot in the new normal, the challenges and constant attacks on Faculty at the legislature goes on unaffected and unaltered by the effects of COVID-19.

To date, UHPA has been successful in working with legislators and testifying on bills and resolutions that have negative impact and harmful consequences on Faculty and the institution they serve.  The following are a list of bills and resolutions that UHPA has been successful in challenging and/or changing:

Nevertheless, there are still bills and resolutions alive in the Legislature that UHPA is working hard to either change, modify, or defer in its current form as it will have negative impact and harmful consequences on our Faculty if enacted.  The following is a list of bills and a resolution that UHPA is actively working on with the Legislature:

While these bills and this resolution may not apply or impact your position, department, college, or unit, don’t ever think that it may not change tomorrow or in the near future.  That is why UHPA’s Endorsement Committee vigilantly vets and interviews all candidates who request political endorsements, because we need to make sure that we can count on these elected officials to listen, recognize, acknowledge, and respect the voice of the Faculty before enacting legislation. 

For a list of all the bills that UHPA is tracking, visit our bill tracking page along with other related resources located at our Legislative Action Center.