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UH Publishes Tenure Task Force Website

SCR 201 Tenure Task Force Meeting Notes Published In response to a common element in the tenure PIG testimony of many faculty at the last Board of Regents meeting, UH has now published a SCR 201 Tenure Task Force website.  Of particular interest are the published notes of 3 meetings (at the time of this post).     We Are in that Task Force You can expect UHPA to keep you apprised of important developments, especially since you'll note that two of the task [...]

2021-11-16T10:37:36-10:00November 16, 2021|Academic, Frontpage, Monday Report|

Tenure PIG Quick-Reference Guide

Background University of Hawaii Board of Regents Immediate Past Chair Ben Kudo established a Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) on February 18, 2021 and charged it with looking into three specific areas of tenure: Overview, history and purpose of tenure; Evolution, current views and developments on tenure (outside of the University of Hawai‘i); and The current process, criteria, and decision making on tenure at UH. Former UH BOR Jan Sullivan was assigned to serve as the Tenure PIG Chair. Outcome The PIG did [...]

2021-11-01T07:41:47-10:00November 1, 2021|Academic, Frontpage, Monday Report|
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